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The ruble is in the grip – the International Bank has imposed restrictions and … removed them

Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and The ruble depreciated sharply after the intervention of the world community. Just a few days ago, the rate of 1 dollar – 75 rubles in some banks today and black market 1 dollars – Reached 150 rubles.

The sharp depreciation of the ruble did not go unnoticed in Azerbaijan. International now Bank uncertainty about the ruble and has begun to warn the population, taking into account the risks.

The warning sent by the International Bank to Azerbaijani customers reads:

“Dear Customer,

In financial markets Russia Due to the situation with the ruble (RUB), temporarily in the InternetBank service, Russia rubles (RUB) all cash, non-cash and cross-conversion (purchase / sale) operations are limited.

Additional information will be provided on the resumption of operations.

It is interesting that, Only 3 minutes after the first warning, there was a second appeal as a result of some intervention and The restriction was announced to be lifted.

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Azerbaijan news

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