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“We will not give up Russia or Ukraine”

“24 hours” informs that, President of Turkey Erdogan After the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers RussiaUkraine made a statement on the crisis. “We appreciate Ukraine’s struggle. Of course that, national We will not compromise on our interests, but regional and We will not overlook global balances. “We say we will not give up on Ukraine or Russia for this,” Erdogan said.

Important points from Erdogan’s statements:

* 27 April and July 15 coup attempt national The almost suffocation of the will is a sign that an era is over in our country. TSK is now a coup, a junta and or with a declaration, not a strong posture, good luck and in protecting our borders and is on the agenda with its impact on border operations.

* In the last century of our country national from the struggle and The biggest successes since the Cyprus Peace Operation have been achieved during this period. Syria, Libya, Karabakh and Our support for Azerbaijan, which fought for its occupied territories, is a victory written in golden letters in the history of both our country and the Turkish Armed Forces.

* Army to the state and unity within those who do not belong to the nation and Turkey at a time when it could not achieve solidarity politicaleconomic and has taken its place in the world as a rising power in diplomatic terms. that, they have lost both their independence and their future. That is our hope that, coup and coup attempts political and social columns the same local, national, civilized and reach a far-sighted approach.


* Peace and tranquility in the Turkish region and is a country that wants prosperity. We have shown this attitude in every event, from Iraq, Syria, the Caucasus, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean to the Balkans. What we see as friends in the crisis in the north of the Black Sea Ukraine and Dialogue between Russia and the problem between them way called to settle with.

* Witnesses of our sincerity in mediating in this matter Ukraine and Russia are the leaders. We continue our multifaceted diplomatic initiatives. On February 24, weapons exploded. The appearance of such a table really saddens us. Especially the attitude of our country to this issue NATO We continue to announce at the Leaders Summit.

* In Ukraine 20We warned our .000 citizens by calling the contact numbers registered in our diplomatic missions. On February 22, we called on our citizens in eastern Ukraine to leave the region. THY to our citizens who want to leave Ukraine and created the necessary opportunities for citizens of other countries.

* From the next day of the conflict, we started the evacuation process by buses. We are in the process of bringing our citizens from different cities by train, first to Romania and then to our country. Our Turkish-flagged ships are still in Ukrainian ports and We are closely monitoring the condition of our trucks. 5 thousand citizens of our country and migrated to other countries. Events and We will continue evacuation procedures in accordance with the requirements. We train our citizens from different cities to Romania, and from there to our country, Ukraine 20 We are in the process of taking thousands of our citizens.


* The growth of the crisis from the authority given to our country by the Montreux Convention snowWe decided to use it to get the glass. We support the sovereignty of Ukraine, political integrity and We support respect for territorial integrity. We consider Russia’s attack unacceptable and Ukrainian administration and We appreciate the struggle of the people.


* USA and We have recorded Europe’s reluctance. We experienced this when our borders were in danger. Of course that, What is important for us in this process is our position. Turkey UN, NATO and Institutions of which the EU is a member and has fulfilled its obligations within the unions and will continue to do so. Of course that, we will not compromise our national interests. We are regional and we will not ignore global balances. That is why we say that we will not give up Ukraine or Russia.

* We are political, economic and We do not give up our military alliances. We put our humanitarian sensitivity ahead of other considerations and We continue to accept all refugees who come to our region. We maintain strong relations with all oppressed geographies. We do not give up any state to anyone.

“Based on the authority given to our country by the Montreux Convention, get out of this crisis snowWe decided to use it to buy glass. “

“24 hours”

Azerbaijan news

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