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Well-known Russians set up an anti-war committee in exile

The group called the world community “violators of international law.” snow“We must take a principled position,” he said

A group of well-known Russians living in exile President Vladimir Putini and other officials to Ukraine snowto the “fratricidal massacre.” according to They set up an Anti-War Committee to bring him to justice.

His deeds according to should be punished

Former oligarch, opposition politician who founded the group Mikhail Khodorkovsky announced. Former chess champion of the group Harry Kasparovoppositionist Vladimir Kara-Murzapast deputy Dmitri Qurkov and leading economist Sergey Quriyev includes.

On February 27, the group called on the world community to “stop violating international law.” snow“Everyone involved in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which began last week, must be brought to justice,” he said.

“Direct participants in the aggression, the generals who prepared the plan of aggression and Russia’s political leadership must be recognized as a war criminal according to should be punished “, – the statement says.

The difference

It is also noted that, “With the Russians involved in Putin’s adventurous policy against his will, in the ongoing fratricidal massacre Putin There is a clear difference between those who are willing to help the regime. “

Russia as citizens… that we cannot prevent war, Russia that we allowed our soldiers to treacherously attack the neighboring country according to We have a moral responsibility “, – the statement says.

“The Anti-War Committee calls on true Russian patriots, political calls for unity against Vladimir Putin’s aggressive dictatorship, despite controversy, ideological differences, personal sympathy or antipathy – the statement emphasizes.

On February 24, the first day of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, protests were held in several Russian cities. About 6,000 protesters were reportedly detained.


Azerbaijan news

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