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“If the war continues, if the Russian government prevents exports…”


A new attack on Ukraine on February 24 according to USA, Great Britain and Europe The union has expanded sanctions on Russia. Already Russia rubles to the dollar snowThe exchange rate fell sharply.

Still on February 22 Russia President Vladimir Putin Moscow The statement came from Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev that, To the results of 2021 according toof two countries snowThe trade turnover increased by 16 percent. It is emphasized according tothis figure is approximately 3.4 billion reached the dollar, snowmutual capital investmentflour the total volume is 6 billion dollars contane.

How will the depreciation of the ruble affect Russia’s export-import operations with Azerbaijan?

Milli Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian Policy Azer BadamovTuran”He said that, Russia and Ukraine “The Russian economy is isolated from the world economy,” he said and covered by sanctions. This will have a negative impact on the Russian economy.

Azerbaijani goods may become more expensive in Russia

Deputy noted that, Azerbaijan’s exporter of non-oil products is primarily Russia: “Our largest export market is there. The depreciation of the ruble there could have a negative impact on our exports. In other words, the depreciation of the ruble will lead to a sharp rise in prices for products imported from Azerbaijan in Russia.

However, according to the committee member, the prices of products imported from Russia to Azerbaijan will decrease: “Depreciation of the ruble and The increase in the value of the manat against the ruble will be accompanied by a decrease in the price of goods imported from Russia.

“The depreciation of the Russian ruble has brought an advantage to economic partners”

Economist and businessman Nazim Baydamirli told RFE / RL that, Sanctions have dealt a devastating blow to the Russian economy: “Because more than 75 percent of international trade dollars is over. Also exclude from SWIFT (Global Interbank Financial Communication Association) and “Logistics problems are also hitting Russia hard.”

According to him according toThe devaluation of the Russian ruble has brought a kind of advantage to the country’s economic partners: “Because dollars they buy more goods in the equivalent. ”

However, in his opinion, this can not happen for a long time: “If any war is long, it creates a shortage in the country involved in the war. In this case, the country is taking certain measures. Last year, the Russian government imposed an excise tax on grain exports due to shortages and This has raised the price of bread in Azerbaijan. “If the war continues for a long time and the Russian government blocks exports, it could be a problem for its trading partners.”

“Azerbaijani government made a mistake in time”

N. Baydamirli noted that, In this sense, the Azerbaijani government made a very serious mistake at the time: “Europe Union countries free did not sign the proposed trade and partnership agreement. The goods we export mainly go to Russia and That the dollar has risen in Russia according to exports will not be attractive. As any country closes, it seeks to develop its domestic resources and not prone to import. In this case, Azerbaijan will not have an alternative market.


On February 24, Russia launched a new attack on Ukraine. Three days before that Russia Ukraine separatist “Donetsk People’s Republic” and He recognized the independence of the Luhansk People’s Republic. Six years ago, it annexed part of Ukraine – Crimea. The initial stage of sanctions against this country began then. (Radio Liberty)

Azerbaijan news

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