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LAST MINUTE – Russia announces areas to strike and calls on population: “LEAVE”

“24 hours” informs that, occupier Russia announced the areas to be hit and addressed to the population that, let them leave those territories immediately

RussiaUkraine blood continues to flow stupidly on the 6th day of the war…

“Paper is running out and people are dying,” Zelensky said Europe Parliament“Now you have to choose Ukraine,” he said.

On the other hand, Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov attended a “disarmament conference” in Switzerland with a pre-recorded video message. As soon as Lavrov’s speech began, the ambassadors and diplomats left the hall.

Russia appeals to civilians in Kiev The statement provided information on the areas to be hit and Civilians were asked to leave the area.

Russia Kyiv He called on residents living near the intelligence infrastructure to leave the area.

Russian Ministry of Defense SBU and He said he would hit the 72nd headquarters of the PSO in Kiev. Ministry living in these areas Kyiv urged residents to leave their homes.

“24 hours”

Azerbaijan news

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