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The “Kyiv nightmare” has already hit 16 Russian planes

Ukraine Military The weather The identity of the forces was not disclosed, but “Kyiv The heroic pilot, nicknamed “Nightmare”, is already 16 Russia shot down the plane. About this Ukraine reported in sources. The number of planes shot down by the pilot reached 5 on February 26 and president Volodymyr Zelensky told him about the country Milli He named his hero. However, the pilot is not satisfied with this record and every day Russia continues to shoot down planes.

Posted by Sergey Naumovich that, he was finally able to identify the pilot.

“I learned. He is not Ukraine which is not a military myth designed to lift the fighting spirit of the army that, this in itself is necessary. O, “Kyiv nightmare ”really exists. Of course, they keep their last name secret. But he already has 16 shot birds. They say that, Russia pilots of Ukraine The weather They are more afraid of the attack than the Defense Forces. They are afraid that, this guy crosses their tails and can press the red button on the fighter’s manipulator. Only God knows where it appears, how it suddenly pursues the enemy from a very low height. But I think that, knows the relief of our “as” area, the location of natural obstacles. And flies at a height of only tens of meters. Moreover, military talent, ”the user wrote.

Azerbaijan news

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