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TikTok has started supporting 10-minute videos

TikTok again Youtube aims to attract a large number of users of large platforms such as So. that, the famous in question social network 10 is gradually beginning to take advantage of the ability to download minute videos. Social British media expert Matt Navarra said that, he received a message about the TikTok update. Smartphones of the new version of TikTok in the received message and Information on the global launch of computers. It was also mentioned in the received message that, TikTok timelines of uploaded videos 10 rises to the minute. It should be noted that, This is not TikTok’s first step in this direction.

In July last year social the network increased the timing of uploaded videos to 3 minutes. In the early days of TikTok, it was only possible to upload 1-minute videos to the platform. On the other hand, this new decision was not surprising. So. that, among a limited number of users after the social network offered the opportunity to download 3-minute videos 10 began testing the download of minute videos. From now on, users will be able to upload long videos to the platform once instead of dividing them into separate parts. In other words, TikTok is really gradually becoming an analogue of Youtube. YouTube, on the other hand, has recently turned its attention to short videos.

Azerbaijan news

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