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Ukraine recalls ambassador to Georgia

Ukraine Ambassador to Georgia Igor Dolgovu calls back for consultation. About Ukraine Presidents Volodymyr Zelenski spread information.

“Obstacles to volunteers who want to help us, immoral attitude towards sanctions according to”,Ukraine The president said in a video address.

The ambassador to Kyrgyzstan was also recalled

Zelensky said that the ambassador to Kyrgyzstan was also summoned for consultations, which was due to the fact that the country justified its aggression against Ukraine.

Georgia is still 2020recalled its ambassador to Kiev in May. This, Mikheil Saakashvilinext to the President of Ukraine Milli occurred after his appointment to the Reform Council. Ambassador of Georgia in April 2021 Kyivreturned to

Former Georgian President Saakashvili is currently in prison in his country.

The volunteers could not leave Tbilisi

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said after the start of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine that, country national considering the interests of the West to Russia snoweconomic and will not join the financial sanctions. To this position according to Thousands of people gathered in the center of Tbilisi to demand his resignation.

These days, about 30 Georgian volunteers have not been able to leave Tbilisi to join the Ukrainian army. David Katsarava, leader of the anti-occupation movement Formula told television that, the government did not allow them to board the plane.

At today’s court hearing, Saakashvili called on the authorities to transfer him to Ukraine, where he is a citizen. The trial on embezzlement of public funds is being held in Tbilisi. “They are waiting for me there at this dangerous time.” He said.


Azerbaijan news

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