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What does the EU say about Ukraine’s application for membership?

EU officials immediately said such a move was not possible for a number of reasons. One fact is that such a fast procedure does not exist

The President of Ukraine, who was subjected to a large-scale attack by his neighbor Russia Volodymyr Zelenski Europe He called on the European Union (EU) to admit his country to membership through a special procedure. Bloc officials do not consider this step realistic.

Zelensky called on the EU on February 28 to “immediately accept Ukraine as a member under a new special procedure.”

“I’m sure we deserve it”

“Our goal is to be with the Europeans, and most importantly, to be equal. I’m sure it’s fair. I’m sure we deserve it. “ – Zelenski social says in a video spread in the media.

“Europeans are not only our country, but all of our soldiers Europepeace, Europe They are witnessing how all the members of the Union are fighting for peace. “ – Zelensky stressed.

“Ukrainians tell the world who we are, Russia and showed what he had become. “Every crime and every bullet of the occupier unites us more.” – Zelensky stressed.


EU officials immediately said such a move was not possible for a number of reasons. One fact is that such a fast procedure does not exist.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbok he said that, Becoming a member of the 27-member bloc is not possible in a few months, but Ukraine It is part of the “European House”, it is always nice there snowşılanır.

According to him according toUkraine’s accession to the bloc is not a sign that the EU wants to separate it from Russia, but the desire of many Ukrainians to join the bloc can be fulfilled.

It usually takes several years for potential members to reach EU standards and is a complex process. The country must carry out reforms in various areas, economic reforms and It must be accompanied by financial changes, and the country must show a healthy state in order to compete in the EU and eventually adopt the euro.

Support from Eastern Europe

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrel he said that, Membership can take “many years.”

But Prague supported Zelensky’s appeal. Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala he said that, “At this point, we must make it clear that Ukraine is a democratic country in the European community.”

Eight Eastern European countries – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and The Slovenian presidents said in a letter signed on February 28 that, Ukraine “It deserves the prospect of immediate membership in the EU.”

They give EU members Ukraine the status of a candidate country and called on the bloc’s institutions to mobilize to start membership talks.


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