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cards are blocked and hotels cannot pay their debts

Russia to the banks snowSanctions have hit the tourism business in Turkey, with hotels and resorts unable to pay. reports with reference to the Turkish press that, Due to the withdrawal of Russian banks from the SWIFT system, tour operators are indebted to hotels.

Hotels are unable to charge early bookings from tour operators. On the other hand, the cards of Russian tourists currently in Turkey are blocked after the sanctions, especially in Antalya and Hotels and resorts in Fethiye cannot receive payments.

South Aegean Tourism Hoteliers and Union of Operators (GETOB), Turkish Association of Travel Agencies (TURSAB) and Aegean Tourism Businesses and Heads of the Housing Association (ETIK) Russia to the banks snowThey reported on the situation after the sanctions. It became known that, Many Russian tourists have already canceled their early reservations, making it impossible to pay for non-canceled reservations.

Hotels cannot charge

As reported yesterday Europe Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said most Russian banks had been removed from the SWIFT system. He also said that comprehensive sanctions would isolate Russia from the international financial system. Vice President of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation, President of GETOB Bulent Bulbuloglu said that, To Russia snowAfter the sanctions, the centers in Antalya and Fethiye announced that the cards of Russian tourists were frozen, so they could not receive payment for the service. This information is currently being investigated.

“It simply came to our notice then that, hotels from tour operators to early bookings according to they cannot repay their debts. She according to Checks to be paid in March were also frozen, in some cases payments in May and It was postponed until June. We are very concerned about the situation. There is chaos in the tourism sector, “Bulbuloglu said.

Some Russian tourists may have problems returning home

Burhan Sili, head of the Alanya Tour Operators Association, said that, Some Russian tourists may have problems returning home. There are Russian tourists who cannot pay because the card is frozen and an investigation is underway.

ETİK President Mehmet İşler also made a statement and he said that, Tour operators owe their hotels not only this year, but also last year. Tourism is in a difficult situation: “Tour operators have debts to hotels. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Will they bring payments in a bag in the 21st century? We need SWIFT, or payments will not be possible. “

However, Works believes that, Freezing the cards of Russian tourists is not a problem. Because they already make the necessary payments in advance.

This was expected after the sanctions

The head of TURSAB Firuz Baglikaya said that, Such a situation was expected to arise after the sanctions against Russian banks.

“Russia’s bank the system is frozen. In this case, the Russians credit cards cannot work in foreign countries. Hotels are unable to get their money from tour operators as transfers are suspended after the sanctions. At the same time, prepayments are not possible. This situation will continue as long as there are sanctions. We hope so that, The situation will be resolved soon, “Baglikaya said.

He added to Baglikaya that, the problem does not end with payments. There is another concern about whether tourists will come. With Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, bookings from European tourists have dropped sharply. Europe of countries weather space Russia He added that he closed it for the planes that, It is unknown at this time whether Turkey will join the decision. That’s it according to are also waiting in an uncertain situation: “Russia-Ukraine What happened between the two countries is not just of interest to these two countries. German, English and Dutch tourists are also negatively affected. Tourist today Russia and Ukraine which side you lost from the market compensation thinks he will. We hope so that, the war will end soon. We also lose in the coming months compensation we can do it ”.

After MasterCard blocked the cards of Russian banks, not only tourists, but also Russian citizens temporarily residing in Turkey faced difficulties. Stores cash and or require an initial payment.


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