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Mahmudov’s gang, $ 10 million in TV boxes and the destroyed family


Cancelled MTNThe next trial was held in the Baku Military Court on the criminal case of General Movlam Shikhaliyev, former head of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vusal Alakbarov, Yasin Mammadov, Sahib Alakbarov. Despite the open trial, members of the media are not allowed to observe the trial. For this reason, journalists are among the victims of what happened in the trial and they have to get information from their lawyers.

to according tothe victim of the trial Elshan Madatov (20In 08 MTN250 thousand from E.Madatov taken to dollars received. Vusal Alakbarov said he would be injected with a “death needle” if he did not pay the required amount. After that, Madatov began to sell his property – ed.) Hikmet Shukurov was interrogated as a witness in the episode. He gave 120,000 manats to E. Madatov and confirmed that he bought the restaurant. E.Madatov MTN seizure by and later free heard to be done.

“Along with Movlam Shikhaliyev, his family members should be involved in the investigation”

Later, the victim Huseyn Safarov filed a motion to involve Shikhaliyev and his family members in the investigation: “It was determined both during the trial and during the investigation. that, The property and money taken from us were transferred to the family members of Movlam Shikhaliyev. His family members are criminals way They were directly involved in the legalization of property acquired in the past year, the loss of traces.

The victim submitted his petition to the court in writing.

Another victim in the process From Ibrahim Zeynalov 10 million dollars The episode of bribery was investigated. Ibrahim Zeynalov, who is currently bedridden, was represented by his son Ilgar Zeynalov.

“You will either go to the exit door or to the pre-trial detention center.”

Gudrat Baloglanov, director of Umid-I LLC, testified as a witness in this episode. Said that, After Ibrahim Zeynalov’s arrest, Yasin Mammadov hired him as an expert: “Yasin Mammadov demanded that I assess the lands of the enterprise headed by Ibrahim Zeynalov as he said. He showed me two doors. He used to say that, You will either go to the exit door of the MNS building, or you will go to the other door, the Detention Center. Forced that, I will give my opinion as he wants. “

The witness said that, Yasin Mammadov received a bribe of 50,000 manat from Ibrahim Zeynalov’s son Ilgar Zeynalov on his behalf: “I found out later that, to give my opinion according to He received 50,000 manat from Ilgar Zeynalov. He also told her that, He allegedly gave me that money. “

The accused Y.Mammadov tried to refute the testimony of the witness.

Rahil Abbasov, the 83-year-old nephew of the victim I. Zeynalov, said the same episode that, After Ibrahim Zeynalov was arrested 10 million dollars required: “My relatives started collecting money. I had 14,000 manats. I called Ibrahim’s son Ilgar and gave him the money. Some time later, Ibrahim was arrested free they did. “

“My father said one word, ‘Get the money,’ and then the phone was turned off.”

The victim’s son Ilgar Zeynalov testified in court that, his father 20On December 8, he was taken to the Ministry of National Security. About half a month later, he was called and instructed to come to the Ministry of National Security: “The person who introduced himself as an investigator said that, in the morning 10Come to the Ministry of National Security, Yasin Mammadov. The next day I went and was taken to Yasin Mammadov’s room. He questioned me for about half an hour. He then handed it over to another investigator he called to his room, who took him to his office for questioning, and I was released. ”

I. Zeynalov says that, Shortly after his interrogation at the Ministry of National Security, his father’s lawyer brought him a letter. The letter reads “50 thousand”. When asked what this means, the lawyer “My father said when he met me that, Tell Ilgar to deliver this amount to Yasin immediately, or Yasin will hold the power of an accountant in the company”. Zeynalov did not pay because the line did not belong to his father. But two days later, the lawyer brought another letter. In that letter “Do as I say” written.

Zeynalov further said: “The line belonged to my father. Shortly after receiving the letter, Yasin Mammadov’s phone rang. It was my father who spoke. He said one word “get the money” and the phone was switched off. I called, Yasin said that, There is a polyclinic near the back door of the ministry, wait there, they will approach you. I sold one of the houses then. I put 50,000 manats from that money in a cellophane bag and went to the place called by Yasi. I called him again. After a while, a middle-aged man, about 30-35 years old, approached me and asked me if I was Ilgar Zeynalov. He said he was the person sent by Yasin Mammadov. He got in the car, took 50,000 manats and counted and He got out of the car, went to the back door of the Ministry of National Security and entered the building. “

“Movlam Shikhaliyev told my uncle that…”

Ilgar Zeynalov’s statement was followed by his uncle Mazahim Zeynalov’s 20He said that on March 9, he met with his father in the MNS detention center. When he returned from the meeting, he told her that his father had lost weight, that his illness had worsened, and that he wanted to be placed under house arrest.

“My uncle Mazahim met with Movlam Shikhaliyev through my father’s lawyer. They did not allow us to hire another lawyer. Movlam Shikhaliyev told my uncle that, he is the owner of the criminal case, he can leave my father at any time. If he decides to release Ibrahim, he will inform Yasin Mammadova. In that conversation, they told my uncle that, Movlam Shikhaliyev will tell Yasin Mammadov the amount required for my father’s release, and he will tell us about it. My father free I realized that they would require money to do so. I sold my apartment on Chamanzaminli Street in Narimanov district for 245,000 manat, and sold some of the remaining property, “he said.

“Can you give me $ 10 million?”

The victim’s son said that, Two months before his father was released from prison, Yasin Mammadov met and talked with him. From him at that meeting “Can you give me $ 10 million?” “I said we didn’t have that much money, but we could make a million or two dollars,” he said. Yasin “It is not possible, you will pay $ 8 millionI was forced to agree. “

After this conversation, I. Zeynalov sold his property, apartments, cars and started collecting money from relatives: “I sold our property and cars. My uncle Mazahim sold his villa in Binagadi district for $ 700,000 and gave an additional $ 500,000. I borrowed 2 million manat from my father’s friend Aydin Ibrahimov. After my father was released from prison, he gave Aydin the villa where he lived in exchange for the money. Ilyas Panaliyev, a friend of my father from Neftchala, who later passed away, lent $ 450,000. My father’s cousin Jafaraga Tagiyev borrowed $ 500,000, in addition to his Lexus car for $ 60,000. andToyota He sold the Prado for $ 40,000 and gave us the money. Still no money. My late mother, Boyukkhanim Zeynalova, sold all her gold jewelry, silverware, and souvenirs at the Central Department Store to various acquaintances. We also added the reserve money at home. We borrowed money from 20-30 different relatives, but it was not repaid. By the end of July 2009, we had raised the shortfall of $ 1,284,000. After making $ 8 million, I called Yasin and told him. TV and or find boxes of DVDs and collect money in those boxes and He ordered to bring it to the back door of the Ministry of National Security. He said that, Divide the money into boxes and deliver it in installments within three days. I bought eight thin-screen TV boxes from the store and collected one million in each. I put three TV boxes, each worth $ 1 million, in the trunk of the car and I took him to the back door of the Ministry of National Security. “

Millions piled on TV boxes

Mammadov told Zeynalov that, they will send people and come and pick up the boxes. Later, two people approached and said that they were sent by Mammadov and They took the boxes from Zeynalov and took them inside the ministry. The next day, Zeynalov delivered three boxes to Mammadov, and the next day two more. After that, when I contacted Y.Mammadov, the latter told him “Don’t worry, the father will be released tomorrow” he said. On August 2, Mammadov called Zeynalov that, Come and take your father: “Ten or fifteen minutes later, my father was released. Then they sent a so-called criminal case against my father to court and imposed a suspended sentence.

After Ilgar Zeynalov’s testimony, Movlam Shikhaliyev stood up and asked Yasin Mammadov, who was an employee and is now a defendant, a few questions:

-I swear to God, open, say. Who got that money? Did I hear about the money conversation?

Yasin Mammadov said:

– That money reached Ziyad Samadzade.

Judge intervened and asked Ilgar Zeynalov a clarifying question:

– What has Ziyad Samadzade got to do with this issue?

-Ilgar Zeynalov:

– Ziyad Samadzade cooperated with my father. 3.5 million manat from the bank through him credit was taken. My father and Ziyad Samadzadeh had a fight over this money. After that, they caught my father and played a game on us. They bankrupted us. My brother, sister and mother passed away. Today my father and I live in a carriage in the district.

One of the victims, Zaur Aliyev, also asked Ilgar Zeynalov a clarifying question:

-Did they take anything from you in addition to the money demanded from you?

Ilgar Zeynalov:

– We had 4 hectares of land left in Bina settlement, and they took it. Movlam Shikhaliyev, his son Elgun Shikhaliyev and Yasin Mammadov After my father was released from prison, we went to that place. We showed them the place, handed them over and left. There was no document of that land. Movlam Shikhaliyev sent us several ID cards, and we registered the land in the names of the people he mentioned. I found out later that, Yasin Mammadov built a house for himself on a part of that land.

After that, the trial was postponed until March 15. (Virtualaz)

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