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The arrested MNS general claims that the millions received were given to deputies

Many years Milli Ministry of Security (MTN) The arrested general, who headed the General Directorate of Investigation Movlam ShikhaliyevFamily members are also required to be prosecuted.

MTN The victims filed a lawsuit in court on March 2.

From the victims Huseyn Safarov he says that, Shikhaliyev’s family members also took part in legalizing the money received from him personally. They knew that, these funds are not obtained at the expense of salaries. She according to and now to it according to they had to answer.

“These people were directly involved in the legalization of criminally obtained property, the loss of traces”– said the victim Safarov.

He submitted a written petition to the court to prosecute other members of the Shikhaliyev family. However, the judges of the Baku Military Court did not discuss it.

“1 million in each box dollars I placed money ”

Former director of the Agricultural Enterprise of the Office of the President of Azerbaijan in court Ibrahim Zeynalovand MTNin 8 million dollars The issue of acquisition was also investigated. Although Ibrahim Zeynalov is known as a victim, he is bedridden according to son in court Ilgar Zeynalov participates.

According to his son according toYasin Mammadov from the Ministry of National Security for the release of his father 10 million, then dropped to $ 8 million. They sold all the houses, cars, objects, jewelry and collected money from their relatives. Zeynalov says that, The money was taken to the Ministry of National Security for several days:

“8 million dollarsI prepared it and informed Yasin Mammadov. Yasin said that, “Go, find boxes of TVs or DVDs, collect money, take it, come to the back door of the MNS.” He was ordering that, I divide the money into parts, collect them in boxes, deliver them in parts within 3 days. I found 8 thin screen TV boxes in different stores. I put $ 1 million in each box. ”

According to him according to, Released his father after delivering $ 8 million. Some time later, a criminal case against his father was sent to court. The court sentenced Ibrahim Zeynalov to probation.

“Did I know about that money talk?”

The accused, including General Shikhaliyev, did not refute Zeynalov’s claim that he had received $ 8 million. On the contrary, he addressed the following question to Yasin Mammadov, who worked under him and is currently on trial with him as a defendant:

“Yasin, I swear to God, who got that money? Did I know about that money talk? ”

Mammadov said in response that, money received deputy Ziyad Samadzadereached


Judge clarified with the victim’s son that, What has Ziyad Samadzade got to do with this issue? It became clear from his answer that, Ibrahim Zeynalov had a partnership with Ziyad Samadzade:

“Ziyad Samadzade cooperated with my father, through him 3.5 million manat from the bank credit had taken. That’s money according to had struck between them. After that, they arrested my father, played a game on us, and bankrupted us. My brother, sister and mother passed away. My father and I live in a car in the district today. ”

Zeynalov added that, The former MNS members were not satisfied with 8 million and seized 4 hectares of land.

General Shikhaliyev and Three other people who worked under him in the Ministry of National Security – former deputy head of the Preliminary Investigation Department Yasin Mammadov, former head of the department Vusal Alakbarov and The trial on the case of Sahib Alakbarov continues. Of those named, only the general is in custody. In this case, 32 people were identified as victims.


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