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Georgia will also apply for EU membership

Georgia had planned to make an official appeal in 2024, but due to the changing situation in the world, the party decided to speed up the process.

Georgia on March 3 Europe It will officially apply for membership in the European Union (EU). Before Ukraine Against the background of Russian aggression, the union has strengthened its membership requirements.
Judge The chairman of the Georgian Dream party, Irakli Kobakhidze, announced his decision to “apply for EU membership immediately” at a press conference on March 2.

Georgia had planned to make an official appeal in 2024, but due to the changing situation in the world, the party decided to speed up the process.
March 2 Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Europe The war in a telephone conversation with Council President Charles Michel and He said he was discussing diplomatic efforts. According to Zelensky according to, Kyiv “Positive signals await Ukraine’s membership in the EU.”
Political will
The statement came from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba that, Ukraine tries to complete membership procedures quickly, but everything is EU political depends on the will.
“EU political has shown the ability to make fundamental decisions when he has the will. Now is the time to make such a decision on our membership, “Kuleba said.
The membership process usually takes years, taking into account factors such as economic stability, the level of corruption, and respect for human rights. A union of 27 members of the bloc is needed to accept new members.
Both Georgia and Ukraine are committed to “economic integration” with the EU and political rapprochement ” and free have signed trade association agreements. This ultimately means membership.
Russia has been angered by the two former Soviet republics’ tightening ties with the West. 20In 08 Russia Occupied part of Georgia.
Europe is strong and to be a safe country
Kobakhidze called on the EU to urgently consider Georgia’s appeal. According to him according toGeorgia’s goal is strong in Europe and is to be a safe country, and every step, including the decision to apply for EU membership, serves that purpose.

The party chairman said that in recent years Georgia has achieved a number of successes in the path of integration into the EU, the Association Agreement with the EU, free gave an example of a trade agreement.
He stressed that his country has implemented many reforms to bring it closer to EU standards.
“As a logical continuation of this work, today we decided to apply for membership and get the status of a candidate,” Kobakhidze told reporters.
Russia launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine on February 24. Two days earlier, separatist groups began in eastern Ukraine. Moscow annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in 2014.


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