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The “pillars” of Russian aviation remain in the sky …


According to the Russian aviation analytical resource Aviaitorschina, “S7 The weather The Airbus A320 belonging to Yollari was arrested in Yerevan.

According to the Armenian media according tothe plane was arrested by the decision of SMBC Aviation Capital, the Irish branch of the Japanese financial group Sumitomo Mitsui.

What Federal The weather There is no confirmation from the Transport Agency or the Armenian State Civil Aviation Committee. A statement from S7 said that, The weather The routes were forced to partially reduce the flight program due to restrictions and canceled some flights to international destinations. So. that, for example, from Novosibirsk to Dubai, from Moscow to Antalya and other flights are scheduled for tomorrow. Passengers of canceled flights receive notifications from the airline, and our specialists work with them at S7 Airlines Representative Offices.

After that, the airline imposed restrictions according to announces reduction of international flight program Aviatorshchina TG channel reported about the incident in Yerevan. Only known that, The lessor of the arrested plane is SMBC Aviation Capital, the Dublin leasing division of Japan’s Sumitomo Mitsui financial group.

One more information consists of it that, Ural Airlines was unable to fly to Zhukovsky on a Yerevan-Moscow flight and is currently on board in Minvod. The reason is being clarified.

Russia to Ukraine snowdue to the military operation Europe Of the Commission Russia aviation snowas provided for in the sanctions adopted by Europe leasing companies until the end of March Russia they have to buy hundreds of planes from airlines. Meanwhile, according to IBA Aviation Consulting according toat the moment Russia mainly from Irish companies, but also from China and Operates aircraft leased from Singaporean companies.

This is the essence. Now to the international flight rules and sanctions according to If the main part of the fleet of Russian airlines is not returned, they are arrested and… The “pillars” of Russian aviation remain in the sky.

Azerbaijan news

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