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App Store, social media and news websites are blocked in Russia

RFE / RL Russia access to the service’s website is blocked

RFE / RL’s Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE / RL) and Deutsche Welle’s sites in Russia, FacebookTwitter social networks and Apple, Google application (app) stores are blocked. This is done by the GlobalCheck web monitoring group and based on other indicators.

The blockade began on the night of March 3-4. RFE / RL for a week and other media outlets from Russia to Ukraine snowwas threatened with blocking the coverage of its full-scale war.

RFE / RL websites

GlobalCheck reports that Rostelecom subscribers can access some of the sites.

RFE / RL Russia access to the service’s website is blocked.

Regional Russian-language Sever.realii of the radio and Sibir.realii websites, Kavkaz.realii website of the North Caucasus Service are also blocked.

Current Time, a Russian-language project of RFE / RL and the Voice of America (VOA), has been blocked since February 28, but the service has released methods to evade the block.

Russian-speaking in Latvia and The English-language Medusa news agency said its website in Russia had been blocked. “It simply came to our notice then. We will continue our work, “ – the agency added.

War news

On March 2, RFE / RL Russia Roskomnadzor received six notifications. State Media Control Agency Ukraine threatened to block the service’s website in connection with the conflict.

Roskomnadzor said that, bombing of Kharkov, hackers sympathetic to Ukraine attack some websites in Russia and to war social will use its authority to block media reactions.

The government agency deliberately forged these materials information He said it could “create panic among the population.”


Azerbaijan news

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