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Google has suspended the AdSense advertising service in Russia

Google The company owns in Russia AdSense has suspended the operation of the advertising service. This information is reflected in the notice sent by the company to service users. Suspension of AdSense service in Russia Google all platforms of the company (Youtube and s.) and covered Russian sites. And that means that, Users living in Russia will not see ads and As a rule, content creators advertise through reviews obtained in Russia according to they will not be able to make a profit.

These changes do not cover ads shown to users outside Russia. Google the company said that, the main reason for such a decision Russia with Ukraine is the high voltage between. In addition, the company said that, the current situation is changing rapidly and Google will provide information about new decisions in a timely manner. It should be noted that, Google AdSense service 20It was put into operation in 03. This service is in high demand by website owners. In addition, the system of this service is integrated into all other platforms of Google, including Youtube.

Azerbaijan news

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