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Solves the problem of lowering the performance of applications on Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones

It was known yesterday that, Samsung company 10.000 application format artificially lowers. Based on the problem in question Galaxy Observed in S22 models. The problem is in smartphones Game Optimizing Service (GOS) is in application. The application in question is the performance of the smartphone and helps to achieve a balance between periods of employment. According to the available information, the GOS application should be launched together with the games and as a result, it should optimize the balance between smartphone performance and run time. But it turned out that, Among the optimized applications are not only games, but also Youtube, TikTok, Microsoft Office, Netflix and s. applications such as

In addition, GOS also optimizes Samsung’s own applications. Between them Samsung Cloud, Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass There are applications such as. In fact, such a situation arises that, Samsung to achieve better energy efficiency Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and ya Exynos 2200 blocks some of the processors’ performance. It is interesting that, GOS cannot be disabled from smartphone settings. To do this, you need to use external software.

Samsung, in turn, reacted and said that, A system update designed to fix the problem of lowering game performance on Samsung smartphones is already under development. The company said that, The developed system update will be available to all users in the near future. After installing the system update, users with games snowthey will be able to prioritize performance indicators individually when interacting.

Azerbaijan news

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