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Illegal bus stations will be closed – the Ministry

State Car The Transport Service has developed an action plan to increase the efficiency of bus stations.

Digital Development on this and The Ministry of Transport said.

It was noted by the Ministry that, According to the action plan, identification of places where illegal bus service is provided in the territory of the republic, as well as in different areas of Baku and Appropriate steps will be taken to stop their activities.

“Currently, the main problem is that it does not pass any technical inspection and in some cases, illegal flights by buses that do not meet passenger requirements. This, in turn, prevents legally operating buses from flying, and seriously undermines the profitability of carriers.

Car Ensuring safety in transportation, work and compliance with the rest regime, especially for drivers of illegally operating vehicles snowState in order to strengthen the struggle Car The Transport Service together with the relevant government agency conducts regular raids. It is planned to continue these raids in the future, “the statement said.


Azerbaijan news

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