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Great presentation from electronics giant Samsung! The company announced that it will launch a new series of smartphones called GALAXY S22 on March 4. Finally that, that day has come. A grand presentation took place in Georgia today. Famous people from Azerbaijan were also invited to the presentation of innovative technologies. In addition, the latest technologies at the event and Famous media representatives watched the news. Galaxy S22 has also aroused great interest among technology lovers. The innovations he brought to the S series attracted the attention of everyone involved.

During the presentation, the new S22 smartphone was compared with previous generations of its generation. At the event, Samsung delighted its users by showing that it is constantly updating the performance of its smartphones.

Series S22, S22 + and It is called S22 ULTRA. The new top-of-the-line S-series smartphone, the S22, not only features the S21 series. At the same time, it has become a superior technology, combining the features of the Note series. This smartphone has switched to a more powerful processor with a Snapdragon 8 based on a four-nanometer architecture than previous models. They upgraded the main camera to 50 MP. The screen size has been reduced to 6.1 inches compared to other models. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the image is more fluid, both during the game and while watching a movie and is alive. In addition to this new model with a Super Amoled screen, the screen brightness has been transferred to a high level.

If you also want to own this smartphone, you can take advantage of a special campaign. So. that, campaign terms according to Galaxy Buds2 for those who buy Galaxy S22 / Galaxy S22 + models and 25w / 45w charger, Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Buds Pro and A 45-watt charger will be donated.

The campaign is valid only from 05.03.2022 to 25.03.2022

Azerbaijan news

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