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Why not create a closed zone for flights over Ukraine? – The opinion of international military experts

A state of the closed zone for flights and or the flight of its individual parts is prohibited weather area. No plane of that state and ya weather This is the device weather can not fly in the field.

NATO Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said after the March 4 meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels that, Kiev Ukraine Despite calls to declare the sky a closed zone for flights, NATO planes should not fly over Ukrainian airspace during the conflict. Western leaders have so far rejected the idea of ​​closing the airport.

They are worried that this could lead to a greater escalation of the war. RFE / RL Talking to two military experts, he tried to clarify what a “no-fly zone” means, why it is so difficult to apply it to Ukraine, and what the alternatives are.

A state of the closed zone for flights and or an airspace where flights are prohibited. No plane of that state and or the air device cannot fly in this airspace. The no-fly zone is usually used to protect civilians on land during wartime and is announced to ensure the safe delivery of humanitarian aid.

This type of air regulation has been used several times in the past UN supported by. For example, in 1992, Bosnia and in 2011, Libya were declared closed zones for flights. In both cases, control over the execution of the decision NATOwas entrusted to. In this topic UNis not always important. The United States in the 1991 Gulf War and allies in northern Iraq and in the southern parts they created a closed zone for two flights. The aim was to protect the minorities living in these areas.

Day at the airport 24 hoursi, an important component of monitoring 7 days a week is Weather Warning and Control System (AWACS). It is also called the “eye in the sky.”

AWACS aircraft operate as aerial radar systems. They are able to determine everything from other aircraft to missiles. Even if these objects are launched from a very long distance, AWACS can identify them.

However, monitoring is not enough to protect the closed zone for flights. There is a need for fighter jets for this. Of the United States Europe He was the commander of the troops and is currently operating in the United States Europe Political Ben Hodges, who works at the Center for Analysis says:

“You have to have an aircraft ready for an air battle to shoot down another aircraft. You must have aircraft that shoot down drones. You need to keep an air force ready to hit ground targets, such as air defense systems. Thus, AWACS and You have to have a number of capabilities, including helicopters for rescue operations. ”

Difficult. Reason? Russia and The West’s fear of drawing each other’s military power into conflict in the sky. This situation could lead to a serious escalation of the war. Retired Czech Army Chairman of NATO Military Committee generaland Peter Pavel he says that, Closed zone cannot be applied to flights:

“It simply came to our notice then and Russia will be explained as a war between. This is the land of NATO troops Russia to fight with troops Ukraine It will have the same effect as joining the army. ”

This also applies to the fact that one of the NATO members, for example, the United States, is trying to create a closed zone for individual flights.

“Any NATO country and or if NATO itself joins Ukraine in the war against the Russians as an organization, it could in fact be a declaration of war between Russia and NATO. We find ourselves in a much bigger conflict involving far more weapons. “It could go as far as Russia’s use of nuclear weapons.”

Hodges according tothere are other reasons to be careful:

“If we are not ready to destroy enemy air defense systems on land, we will never launch a pilot into the air. In this case, we are talking about hitting and attacking Russia’s targets inside Ukraine, and perhaps even inside Russia. That is another concern that, If we are not ready to take our pilot who was shot down and had to parachute, we will not take the pilot into the air. Thus, Ukraine and or even be able to pick up your pilot who lands in Russia. ”

Probably that, it depends on Russia.

“If this is a humanitarian operation, it must be agreed with Russia. Because if it is not agreed with Russia, the Russians can shoot down a humanitarian plane. “Everything is fine after both sides agree on a closed zone for humanitarian flights.”

… Libya and Russia flies to closed areas in Iraq protest did not. He also agreed with the international community on the need to protect the civilian population on the ground. Hodges, a former US commander, does not rule out the possibility that NATO could intervene. “It simply came to our notice then that, the alliance can say that, We cannot stand outside and allow Ukrainians to be killed, as in Srebrenica. But still, the 30 countries that make the alliance strong are diplomatic and economic and has military power. That’s it that, There should be such consultations until he reaches a decision, ”Hodges said.


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