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A powerful explosion in Luhansk. Nikolaev, Kharkiv, Odessa under fire

Kherson is also a target. UNIAN reports that Chernobayevka airport was fired at night

March 7 morning Russia the military Ukraine continued to fire on their cities. A powerful explosion was reported in Luhansk. UNIAN reports, citing witnesses, that the oil depot was on fire. Social Witnesses also wrote in the networks that the oil depot was on fire. It is said that this base has not been working for several years.

TASS reports that firefighters in Luhansk are trying to put out the fire at the oil depot. Fuel tanks are burning, and the fire could spread to neighboring tanks. Fire area and There is no information about the victims.

Nikolayev, Kherson, Kharkiv

Current Time on the night of March 7 and writes that the city of Nikolaev was fired on in the morning. Ukraine Adviser to the Minister of the Interior Vadim Denisneko “Ukraine 24” TV channelina said that, Russia servicemen fired on Smerch settlements in Nikolayev

Nikolayev was reportedly caught in a rocket fire. City residents say the fire was heard in all parts of the city, sometimes in both directions.

In some areas, electricity and mobile communications were cut off.

Kherson is also a target. UNIAN reports that Chernobayevka airport was fired at night.

Kharkiv is also under fire. To the claim of the Russian Ministry of Defense according to“SBU and Fighters of the Azov Battalion ” Kharkiv plan to blow up the reactor at the Institute of Physics and Technology.

The settlement of Tuzla in Odessa region was reportedly hit from the sea. A provincial official said critical infrastructure had been hit.

Humanitarian corridors will be opened

Russia on the morning of March 7 10declared a state of silence, President of France Emmanuel Macronflour Russian counterpart Vladimir PutinHumanitarian corridors will be opened at the request of The statement came from the Russian Defense Ministry.

Humanitarian corridors KyivMariupol, Kharkiv and It must be opened from Sumi. Russia has said it will use drones to monitor the situation.

Russia launched an attack on Ukraine on February 24 from various directions. The West has condemned the attack and imposed sanctions on Russia


Azerbaijan news

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