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Google has patented the technology of controlling devices through the human skin

Google company wearable devices (smart watches, smart bracelets, wireless headphones and s.) patented a new gesture technology designed for management. In the new control system through gestures instead of special touch panels on the wrist near the device and or the skin of the neck. The images in the patent document show how this technology will work. The technology in question Skin Interface got the name. According to patent documents, this and or to use the functions of another device, the user must touch their own skin while near the device and or will have to perform a sliding action on the skin. Appropriate gesture (horizontal and or vertical sliding, a and or short through a few fingers and or prolonged touch) which in turn will create a mechanical wave and the device’s sensors will receive that wave.

Expect to answer phone calls using this method and or end them, adjust the volume on the headphones and or it will be possible to change the music played. The company is also used to filter gestures that are not designed to execute certain commands machine learning plans to use the technology. Thanks to this user and or be able to move freely without fear of triggering another command. According to the information Pixel Buds Owners of headphones will be able to use this feature by touching the skin on the ear. Currently, this technology is available only on paper. Google on what device the company does it and It is unknown at this time what he will do.

Azerbaijan news

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