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Hackers hacked Samsung’s internal system and stole confidential information

Lapsus $ hacker group called Samsung to the company snowsaid he carried out a cyber attack. Hackers as a result of a cyber attack 200 GB of confidential information was stolen. Among the stolen data as well Galaxy There is also a source code for the software that covers smartphones. Samsung has confirmed the cyber attack. It should be noted that, the hacker group in question some time ago as well NVIDIA carried out a cyber attack on the company and 1 TB stole confidential information in the amount of

The database stolen from Samsung by hackers contains the source code of the software covering Galaxy smartphones and biometric systems of those software devices and Used to support encryption functions. In a statement, Samsung did not say what classified information was stolen as a result of the cyberattack. The company simply noted that, Samsung customers within a stolen database and There is no confidential information covering their partners. Samsung has said it will investigate the matter.

Azerbaijan news

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