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Journalists from Russia. Non-friendly countries …

Dozens of administrative cases have been filed in Russia over the past few days to discredit the army

Russia The government has identified a list of unfriendly countries. Listed in the USA, UkraineEU members, as well BritainCanada, Japan and Another 19 countries, including Switzerland, have been included.

The decision says that, foreign creditors covering the countries on this list snowhaving obligations in the bottle Russia companies and citizens can settle accounts with tens of rubles.

In May last year, only the United States added to this list and The Czech Republic was lowered.

The term “registered friend” country Russia It was included in the legislation in April last year. When President It was stated in the decree signed by Vladimir Putin that, Diplomatic missions of these countries may be prohibited from employing citizens of other countries in Russia.

150 journalists left Russia

The Agency estimates that at least 150 journalists have left Russia since the invasion of Ukraine.

The main reason is military censorship in Russia. On March 4, the Russian President signed a law on “Fakes of the Russian Army.” After that, the BBC’s Russian service will cease to operate in this country and will operate outside Russia. Novaya Gazeta announced the deletion of materials about Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and The Bell stopped covering the conflict.

The websites of Russian-language projects of Nastoyasheye Vremya, Medusa, BBC, DW, and RFE / RL have been blocked. Echo of Moscow, Dojd, Colta and other media outlets have suspended their activities.

Dozens of administrative cases have been filed in Russia over the past few days to discredit the army.


Azerbaijan news

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