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Negotiations ended again without results

“The third round of talks is over. There is little positive progress in improving the logistics of humanitarian corridors. ”

About this Ukraine President Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the head of his office, said on Twitter.

“The third round is over. There is very little progress in improving the logistics of humanitarian corridors… Some changes will be made. We will be able to help people suffering from Russian aggression more effectively. Ceasefire and In addition to security, the key political Intensive consultations on the issues were continued.

“Today, there are no results that will significantly change the situation. But consultations will continue and we will see the result, “Podolyak added.

Russia Assistant to the President Vladimir Medinsky Russia “We came to the talks with our documents,” he said. Ukraine The party did not sign them, but took them with it. We hope so that, next time there will be greater progress. “


Azerbaijan news

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