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Scientists have been able to stop the aging process in mice

Solka Institute for Biological Research (USA) led a group of researchers and effective in the aging process in mice belonging to the upper age category and was able to stop safely. So. that, In an experiment, the scientists made the cells of mice look younger. Its cells during the aging process of the organism DNA form other chemical compounds inside. Those compounds epigenetic markers are called. Younger mice do not have such compounds in their DNA. Previous studies have shown it that, 4 molecules reprogrammed into aging cells (Oct4, Sox2, Klfc4, cMyc) in turn can return epigenetic markers to their original pattern state.

In a 2016 study, mice entering the premature aging process struggled with signs of aging. and This method has been used successfully to increase life expectancy. In addition, it was revealed in a study conducted in 2021 that, The 4 molecules mentioned above can accelerate muscle recovery even in young mice. Other researchers use the same method for the brain and heart and used for better functioning of the optic nerve. Scientists at the Solka Institute for Biological Research have considered this method for cell regeneration as part of the aging process of healthy animals.

The constant dose of the above molecules was given to the first group of mice aged 15-22 months (equivalent to 50-70 years) and to the second group of mice aged 12-22 months (equivalent to 35-70 years). and A 25-month-old (80-year-old equivalent) group of mice was included. The mice in the third group underwent only one month of treatment. Scientists wanted to determine whether this method is safe to use for a longer period of time. As a result, there were no adverse effects on the health of the mice. Actually 7-10 Within a month, the treated mice began to look like younger mice. In addition, in their blood in metabolic molecules no age change was observed. The information obtained shows it that, This method not only stops the aging process, but also reverses it.

Azerbaijan news

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