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The drama of the Ismayilov family involved in espionage by the Iranian special services


In 2019, three members of one family – Zakir Alibala oglu Ismayilov, his wife Nazakat and His son Kanan is arrested on suspicion of secret cooperation with the special services of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Court sentenced Zakiri to life imprisonment, courtesy 10 years, and Canaan was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. After the verdict, his wife leaves Canaan – she does not want to remain a member of the betrayer’s family. Close relatives and The loneliness that his friends turned away from is harder for Canaan than a prison cell and is a painful punishment.

He was released after serving his sentence, but it is still painful and He realizes that he is doomed to live as a traitor for the rest of his life. The head of the family, Zakir Ismayilov, died in prison two years after his arrest.

The death of her husband, the family drama of her eldest son, and the illness of her second son, Sana, who was born with a mental disorder, break Nazakat Ismayilova once and for all. He has a serious oncological disease and He is currently living the last days of his life in one of the treatment facilities of the penitentiary service.

No one who has even the slightest feeling of compassion in his heart can remain indifferent to the tragic fate of the Ismayilov family. True, someone will say at this time that, it is karma, someone will talk about the tragic coincidence of coincidences, someone will raise their hands to the sky and call the family of God the Ismayilovs a terrible betrayal. according to will say punished. Everyone will remain in their opinion.

But what can this really change in the fate of an unhappy family?

Recently, Nazakat Ismayilova sent a letter to the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan, Seyed Abbas Mousavi, asking her to partially compensate the moral damage caused by the Iranian government, which her family has served for years. and The patient asked his son Sanan to help him financially. He also sent a copy of the letter to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

Nazakat Ismayilova’s letter, which reflects the unbearable pain of a deadly sick mother who cried over the tragedy of her family in every line, has fed the family with empty promises for years. and Iran, which instigated the betrayal, is of no importance to the special services. The Ismayilov family was, in fact, convicted from the moment they agreed to cooperate with the Iranian special services.

We live in a complicated world, to destroy our destiny and It is not easy to protect ourselves from the evil that can ruin the lives of our loved ones. The old people used to say: if you have a clear conscience, if your heart is not ready to sell your family, friends, homeland, evil will never happen to you. yapdoes not work.

The Ismayilov family was ready to sell.

And the cost was very heavy. (virtualaz)

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