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The food crisis caused by the war – Western media


Russia to Ukraine snowThe war has been going on for two weeks. Western media are focusing on the food crisis that this war could create.

The Financial Times reports that one-third of the world’s wheat exports Russia writes that it fell to Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, there has been a break in the work of ports in the Black Sea. As a result, the price of wheat 2007-20The 08s exceeded the level of the crisis.

In the center of Ukraine farmer says Kis Huizinga of the Netherlands, who has a plantation that, If farmers in the country do not start planting soon, there will be a major threat to food security. “If Ukraine’s food production goes bankrupt next season, the price of wheat may rise two or three times,” Kiev said. 20A Dutchman says he is farming in Cherkasy, 0 km south. The farmers’ union he joined has 1,100 members in the country’s agricultural sector 10 covers less than a percent.

Inflation will rise

Experts and politicians delay the export of wheat, grain, sunflower oil and barley imports are expected to affect countries in the region.

“They’re going to turn to different suppliers, which means prices are going up,” said Joseph Glauber, a former chief economist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The newspaper writes that the price increase will also increase food inflation. It’s January inflation reached a seven-year high of 7.8 percent.

Ukraine It supplies 90 percent of Lebanon’s wheat imports and is a major supplier to countries such as Somalia, Syria and Libya.

Russia is also a major supplier of wheat to a number of neighbors, including Azerbaijan.

“Even if the war ends tomorrow, the planting season in Ukraine has already been disrupted and This will affect the 2022 harvest, “said Ismail Kamaloglu, former head of the Turkish Grain Fund.

Analysts quoted by the newspaper do not rule out that the price increase will lead to unrest. 2009-2010The rise in grain prices in the 1990s is considered to be one of the factors driving the Arab Spring.

The impact of sanctions on the West

The Associated Press has investigated the impact of sanctions on Russia on global trade.

AppleTransport companies such as Nike and Maersk also leave Russia.

The agency writes that China may embrace exports from Russia. But so far, Beijing Russia He did not appear to be fully supportive of President Vladimir Putin.

In the world snowUkraine accounts for 16 percent of food exports and Russia for 30 percent of wheat exports. The agency writes that the war will affect relatively poor countries.

The impact of sanctions on Russia will be felt at gas stations in the United States. Last year, Russia sold oil products to Mexico and It was the third largest country after Canada, with 8% of imports coming from Russia.

Overall, Russia is the 20th largest supplier of goods to the United States.

Biden The administration has not yet imposed a full trade embargo on Russia or targeted Russia’s energy sector. But Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that, USA and Allies are “very actively discussing” a ban on Russian oil imports.

Tinglong Dai, a business professor at Johns Hopkins University, says that, After the end of the Cold War, the main principle of global trade was the separation of business from geopolitics.

“Russia has destroyed both,” Dai said, not ruling out a new Iron Curtain. Russia and allies can stand on one side of the curtain and the West and others on the other.

Azerbaijan news

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