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What is a “closed sky” and why does NATO not give it to Ukraine?


Closed sky – NATO-nun weather is an attack defense system. NATOdoes not use this term. The Alliance’s missile defense system, in general, unit no name. NATO Air defense system – enemy aircraft and is a collection of several missile defense systems. The most important part of the closed-air system is called the Active Layered Theater Ballistic Missile Defense (ALTBMD). It is NATO’s continental missile defense shield.

It is a fantastic system in the true sense of the word. This includes the Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter-bomber, which constantly monitors at high altitudes. The planes are equipped with high-sensitivity radar systems (RLS). Imagine being able to control only one hemisphere of a few F-35 planets, to record the location of the launch of missiles and it is enough to determine its trajectory.

The data transmitted by F-35s to the ground radar and enters the control center. Anti-missile missiles are launched immediately.

The cost of these systems, which are still widely used in Europe, is several trillion dollars (there is no exact information about this – ed.). The price of a single F-35 fighter billion more than a dollar.

But as they say, it’s worth the money. The system is so perfectly set up that, it is even capable of destroying any number of enemy missiles fired at the same time.

So why is NATO sparing Ukraine?

This amazing shield is built on 90 percent of NATO member countries and works normally. This is paradoxical that, The most important component of the “closed sky” system we are talking about has become the biggest problem of Ukraine.

Still 20In 09, US President Barack Obama announced the launch of this project. And… Yes Yes. Putin immediately to it protestreported. Objection It made sense – this NATO missile defense system made Europe inaccessible to Putin’s missiles! C-, which is considered Russia’s missile defense system200 and The C-300 is, in fact, the F-35 snowthey could not stand it. Experts said that, still 20 years later Russia of this system snowwill not be able to pull anything out of the glass. The most important feature of the F-35 is the ability to both attack and defend.

Russia thought that, By creating this system, NATO has violated the Treaty on Conventional Arms in Europe. In short, the tension reached a maximum before work began.

This is the issue that NATO is afraid of now – if the “closed sky” system is launched in Ukraine, the Alliance will Russia will start a military conflict with. Putin NATO systems Poland, Romania and It will try to destroy its bases in the Czech Republic. NATO, of course that, will retaliate. And the third world war is ready. And it will have only one result – the destruction of civilization, the end of humanity…

Dalan? Or Ukraine can you do something

Ukraine if the sky closes, Putin Is NATO really hitting missile defense bases? It is not yet known. He warned several times that, If you don’t take your eyes off Ukraine, I can hit Europe. Nobody knows if he really hits. Still that, no one made it such a choice snowdid not put in the bottle.

In all similar episodes in the past (Georgia, Donbas, Syria), NATO tried not to join him. What if he suddenly tries to show his strength? What will happen then?

One thing is clear that, Zelensky is right to insist on a “closed sky.” By the way, in Europe Ukraine forces appear to support the president in this regard. Still that, even if they are in the minority…

In short, for Ukraine, “closed sky” means salvation. This is the course of the war and is the only factor that will fundamentally change the results.

Maybe “Iron Dome”?

The moment when the Iron Dome launches a preemptive missile

The Iron Dome (Hebrew – Kipat barzel), an Israeli missile defense system, has been successfully tested and is a system with good results. But this system is average and calculated against long-range missiles. It is difficult against Russia’s Iskander that, can stand

Can Ukraine create its own “dome”? Of course. But time, technology, training, testing, training – all this takes time, and it simply does not exist.

But how can the West really help Ukraine in this situation?

Patriot anti-aircraft missile system

The answer is simple – by providing its own Patriot or THAAD type missile defense systems. These systems, 10Although not 0 percent, it can significantly improve the current situation. This kind of mobile and universal systems aircraft and capable of easily destroying missiles.

Yes, there is good news to be shared here. Ukraine is currently preparing to adopt such missile defense systems. When, what systems, the volume of supply – these are, of course that, is a mystery.

There is another mystery. Still that, Even NATO does not know that, How effective are these tactical systems in the face of Putin’s high-precision weapons? This is a real opportunity to check it out.

Another opportunity has emerged recently – before NATO sent missile defense systems to Ukraine protest Hungary has now changed its mind and opened its doors…

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