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Xiaomi has patented a new smart bracelet with an elastic screen

Xiaomi company traditional Mi Bandhas patented a new smart bracelet that differs from According to the patent document, the smart bracelet will be equipped with a large elastic screen and that screen will extend along the body of the bracelet. It is expected that such a design will raise the user’s experience of using a smart bracelet to a higher level. According to patent photos, the screen of the smart bracelet extends to 1/3 of the body radius. In addition, you can see that, There is a fastening mechanism on the body of the bracelet. It should be noted that, The company’s patent covers only the design of the device. There is no information about the technical characteristics of the device. Currently, this smart bracelet is only available on paper and Such a device has not been announced in advance by Xiaomi. What will be the name of this smart bracelet from Xiaomi? and It is unknown when it will be presented.

Azerbaijan news

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