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Chechen commander in Ukraine: ‘My main enemy is Putin’

Sheikh Mansour, a Chechen volunteer and Battalions named after Covkhar Dudayev Ukraine declared war on the side of the army

Ukryanada Russia aggression snowA battalion of Chechens is formed to fight.

Sheikh Mansour, a Chechen volunteer and Battalions named after Covkhar Dudayev Ukraine declared war on the side of the army.

Some news according to Pro-Moscow leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called on his compatriots to lay down their weapons and 500 thousand for the head of the battalion commanders in question dollars announced the award.

However, in an interview with RFE / RL, the commander of Sheikh Mansur’s battalion Muslim Çeberloyevski he said that, He does not take Kadyrov seriously and His main enemy is Vladimir Putin:

“It simply came to our notice then. He sends the children here, and he puts a penny in someone’s head. He always said that, He is Putin’s infantry, Putin’s slave, Putin’s soldier and Putin ready to go anywhere in the world. That’s it that, let him not send children upon us, let him gather his relatives and come himself. ”

“It simply came to our notice then Russia We have a problem with… “

Muslim Cheberloyevsky said that, volunteers continue to arrive in his battalion. He said that, new groups are currently being created and Chechens are ready to meet “Putin, Kadyrov, Hitler, Lukashenko” face to face:

“We do not need this war. This war is upon us snowbegan. The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, like other republics, gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union and had declared its sovereignty. Ours since then Russia We have a problem with… We won the first war. But in 1999, they corrected their mistakes and eliminated their shortcomings. ”

“We had to leave Chechnya for various reasons. Four of our presidents were killed. All the surviving commands have moved abroad. ”

The Chechen commander said that, Restrictions on them have been lifted for many years and they are Ukraine and They are ready to defend Kiev. To the question “Who is your main enemy?”, Muslim Cheberloyevsky answered:

“This hour is my main enemy on earth Putinhis regime and are around. Who is Kadyrov? You journalists exaggerate its importance. As if he is an independent person. Kadyrov is Putin’s servant and is a six-wheel drive. Of course that, The Chechens have attacked Ukraine, to our detriment. These self-proclaimed Chechens have nothing to do with the Chechens. Ours Ukraine We have never been hostile to him and will not. Chechnya has lost 300,000 of its 1 million population in two wars with Russia. Look, this is what happens to real Chechens. But these scoundrels are Putin’s servants. “

The Chechen commander then spoke about the situation in his homeland:

“If Kadyrov considers himself a Chechen, why is he in Chechnya, which is smaller than Luhansk?” 100 thousand armed Russian soldiers guard? He is nobody without them. Ordinary people, who are currently holding him hostage in Chechnya, would have destroyed him if they had the opportunity. But Kadyrov 10It is guarded by a Russian army of 0,000.

The Georgian war

Muslim Cheberloyevsky said that, 20When Russia invaded Georgia in 08, Russia’s 56th Army could not enter Tskhinvali. Then a Chechen group led by Yamadayev was released and Russia was able to capture Tskhinvali.

The Chechen commander said that, Kadyrov came to power with the help of the Yamadayev brothers and then he rebelled against them.

According to Cheberloyevsky according to They wanted to use the Chechens in 2014 as well. But at that time, the Chechens could not fight. After that, they were sent to Syria for training:

Putin why according to turns a blind eye to Kadyrov’s arbitrariness throughout Russia? They come to the city they want, the mayor, deputy apologizes to them. All this was to prepare for today. As if they are a lot of boys, they are invincible. “


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