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Ukrainian intelligence says another Russian general has been killed

Ukraine More than 11 thousand Russia claims that his soldier was killed

Ukraine intelligence Kharkiv says a high-ranking Russian officer has been killed in fighting near the city. Intelligence phone calls also appear to have partially confirmed his death.

General major Vitali GerasimovIf the death of the flour is confirmed, Ukraine the second who died in the war general will be.

A statement issued by Ukraine’s General Intelligence Directorate (GUR) on March 7 stated that the chief of staff of Russia’s 41st Army and The deputy commander was killed along with several other officers. But it is not known when or how he was killed.

Gerasimov’s death could not be independently confirmed. O, 20He was an awarded officer and veteran of the Second Chechen War in the early 00s, Syria and He took part in military operations in Crimea.

Russia does not disclose losses

Russia The government does not disclose casualties in the war, which began on February 24. The Ministry of Defense and He did not give a figure.

On March 2, the state news agency RIA Novosti quoted the ministry as saying that 498 Russian soldiers had been killed and 1,597 wounded.

Ukraine claims more than 11,000 Russian soldiers have been killed. It is impossible to confirm this figure independently.

Two GUR audio recordings show two Russian intelligence officers discussing the fighting situation.

One of the officers regrets Gerasimov’s death. The two then discuss the weakness of coded communication used by Russian forces.

Deputy Commander of the 41st Army, General Andrey Sukhovetskywas reportedly killed in fighting in Ukraine two weeks ago.


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