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China will begin preparations for a permanent lunar base by 2024

Mass information Chinese space officials said that, in the future Ayda Preparations for the base will begin by 2024. Until then, China’s “Chang’eThe next phase of the space program should begin. It should be noted that, Moon as part of this space program At the South Pole 3 autonomous stations must be installed. Useful resources for stations to be installed and as well as search for water. It is pointless to talk about creating a base on the moon without water. This year January in the month of China Chang’e 5 The device was found in the rocks of the Moon in the landing zone. Conversation, 1 ton in the amount of lunar rock 120-180 grams goes out of the water. This is not enough to create a base for the permanent presence of people on the moon. Therefore, the United States and China is actively considering the idea of ​​creating a base at the South Pole of the Moon.

So. that, In the depths of the craters at the Moon’s South Pole, water can exist in the form of ice. In addition, there is enough power in the area to supply the base with electricity Solar energy can be collected. According to preliminary plans Chang’e 6 The device will land on a relatively flat area. This autonomous station will be sent to the moon in about 2 years. It will land in the South Pole. Thus, after landing, it will collect samples of lunar rocks to search for water with useful resources at the site of the supposed lunar base. After Chang’e 6, two more autonomous stations will be sent to those areas. The main objectives of all these projects are scientific research, the search for lunar resources and is their use.

Otherwise, there will be no point in creating a base there. Chang’e 7 The station will also have an unmanned aerial vehicle. The same apparatus of the Moon craters 10 km will be intended for in-depth exploration. In general, the main purpose of Chang’e 7 will be to search for water in the craters. Chang’e 8 The station will serve as a base for on-site experiments with lunar resources. The mission will test many technologies for using lunar resources. Chang’e program assumes that, Preparations for the construction of the final base will begin by 2030. The astronauts are scheduled to be sent to the base by 2035.

Azerbaijan news

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