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GUAM is silent on the attack on Ukraine

It is the 14th day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. There are casualties on both sides, as well as Russian military and civilian facilities in Ukraine weather and missile strikes appear to have taken off.
In this situation, most international organizations have commented on the issue. However, it was established in 1997 and GUAM (Georgia, which some people in Azerbaijan also see as an alternative to the Commonwealth of Independent States) UkraineAzerbaijan and Moldova) – Democracy and The Organization for Economic Development does not break the silence. What is the reason for this? Has the life of this organization come to an end?
GUAM representatives could not be reached for comment. But Azerbaijan Milli Of the Assembly deputyAydin MirzazadehTuranHe regretted that GUAM did not comment on the issue.
He noted that, GUAM, as an organization, did not comment on the events in Ukraine: “But some members commented. In particular, Azerbaijan expresses its concern in this matter, the inadmissibility of war, the negotiation of all problems way emphasizes the importance of resolving with. It can be considered in this context that, There is a separate position of this organization. GUAM members Ukraine The position is unequivocal – military operations must be stopped, negotiations must take place and We must not allow a humanitarian catastrophe. “
Deputy “But the bilateral relations between the GUAM member states are close,” he said. In general, it can be said that the members of this organization are as close to each other as ever. “
Political commentator Ilham Ismayil told RFE / RL that, GUAM already looks like a living dead: “It’s been like this for several years.”
According to him, this organization does not work there in terms of issues arising from the attitude of Azerbaijan: “Because in the Karabakh issue, we could not irritate Russia. If we irritated Russia, what it did in Ukraine could happen to us. She according to GUAM is not relevant either. “
On February 24 this year Russia A new attack has been launched on Ukraine. Even a few days before this war Russia Ukraine separatist “Donetsk People’s Republic” and He recognized the independence of the Luhansk People’s Republic. Six years ago, it annexed part of Ukraine, Crimea. At that time, sanctions were imposed on Russia. After the new war, the West and Some countries have expanded sanctions on Russia. Azerbaijan does not join the sanctions.


Azerbaijan news

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