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The Georgian lari has fallen sharply – there is a catastrophe

Georgia in recent days national currency GEL (GEL) dollarseuro, AZN and other currencies snowhas fallen sharply in recent years.

On March 8, 1 US dollar in exchange offices dollarswas 3.45 GEL. One Azerbaijani manat was changed to 1.98 GEL.

Georgia Milli Bankto the official exchange rate set by according to1 dollars 3,3991 GEL, 1 AZN is equal to 2,0047 GEL, and 1 Euro is equal to 3,682 GEL.

Economists believe that, depreciation of the lari snowwill continue in the coming days.

Today, $ 1 is set at 3.4300 lari on the international trading platform Bloomberg. This suggests that on March 9, the lari will lose some value.

Experts say that, lari against the background of depreciation car gasoline and Diesel fuel has also risen sharply.

It is not ruled out that food prices will rise in the near future. (AZERTAC)


Azerbaijan news

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