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A 57-year-old man who underwent a GMO pig heart transplant died two months ago (VIDEO)

Two months ago, a 57-year-old resident of Maryland, USA David Bennettto GMO (genetically modified organism) pig heart transplantation was done. Now it is known that, March 8, David Bennett University of Maryland medical died in the center. It should be noted that, David Bennett was the first person to undergo a GMO pig heart transplant. The operation in question 7 January was realized in history. He would have lost his life if he had not taken this step. An ordinary human heart transplant was not possible for him. Even if he tried, he would lose his life. His son told reporters after the operation that, postoperative 10There is no guarantee that 0% success will be achieved. Nevertheless, the doctors managed to do it with high professionalism.

Living for 2 months thanks to GMO pig heart is also a revolution in medicine. So. that, All previous attempts on this issue have failed. The point is here that, The bodies of patients who participated in previous experiments suddenly rejected the animal’s heart. This time, doctors used genetically modified pig hearts. As part of this process, they improved the pig’s heart. So. that, they removed pig genes from the body and they added human genes to it. This is him according to was made that, the body does not suddenly reject the body and to be able to adapt to it. The transplanted pig’s heart was functioning normally in the early stages.

The doctors were gradually giving information that, Bennett is slowly recovering. It should be noted that, He was from California in 1984 Stephanie Fae to a baby named babuin heart was transplanted and the baby could live with that heart for 21 days. David Bennett was able to live for 2 months. Last year, 41,000 transplants were performed in the United States and 3,800 of them involved heart transplants. This is a record. However, more than 106,000 people are waiting in line for organ transplants. Every year thousands of people lose their lives due to lack of proper organs. Thousands of people are generally not added to the waiting list. So. that, their situation is assessed as a long-term perspective.

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