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Abramovich, Deripaska on the sanctions list

Their assets in Britain are frozen and they are banned from traveling.

Great Britain has put several Russian billionaires on the sanctions list. The owner of the Chelsea football club, who plays in the Premier League, is a billionaire Roman Abramovichindustrialist Oleq Deripaska is also on the list. Deripaska flew from Moscow to Ukraine last month snowHe called for an end to the war he had started.

Britain government March 10statement issued by according toCEO of Rosneft Choose IgorVTB BankChairman of Andrey KostinHead of Gazprom Alexey MillerOwner of the Transneft pipeline company Nikolay Tokarev, Bank President of Russia Dmitri Lebedev is also on the list.

Their assets in Britain are frozen and they are banned from traveling. That is, they can travel to Britain, individuals in Britain and they will not be able to close transactions with businesses.

“We will strictly persecute”

“Britain’s sanctions today Ukraine is another step towards the unwavering support of the people. “We will crack down on those who allow the killing of civilians, the destruction of hospitals and the illegal occupation of sovereign allies.” – Prime Minister Boris Conson said when announcing the list of sanctions.

Russia began occupying Ukraine on February 24. Since then, a number of Western countries have imposed sanctions on Moscow. Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinhaving close ties with Russia officials and billionaires are also subject to sanctions.

Deripaska said on March 7 that, Peace must be achieved “as soon as possible.” “After these events, the whole world and Russia will be different ” He added.

20Abramovich, 55, who has owned Chelsea since 2003, sold the football club earlier this month. Ukraine said he would donate to the victims of the war.


Azerbaijan news

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