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statement was false, the video was spread by DTX employees?

Peacock As the child’s relatives were questioned in court over the discovery of the body of a minor Narmin Guliyeva, who was abducted and burned 47 days later in the village of Dondar Gushchu, the mystery of the case is growing. Narmi’s cousin’s wife appeared in court on March 9 Naila GuliyevaMany unanswered questions arose after the interrogation.

Guliyeva said in court that, On the day of Narmin’s disappearance, she came to them and brought her husband Arif’s jacket. He even wore clothes (jacket, sneakers, hat) that the child allegedly wore that day and s.) lists up to the color. The burnt corpse he listed was on top of him when he was found. Shahid Guliyeva also said the exact time of Narmi’s arrival: “The day before, my daughter had a wedding. Then my husband gave his jacket to his brother Sharif that, to wear at the wedding, not to wear old clothes. It would be 14:30 on November 21 when Narmin brought the jacket. He went out with his brother-in-law that, let him take his father’s jacket from there. “

10Naila Guliyeva’s statements in the investigation were announced at the request of Ilkin Suleymanov’s lawyers, who are accused of kidnapping and killing Narmi. In those statements, he said that, to clean up the mess the day after her daughter’s wedding snowin the light according to He did not see Narmin that day when he brought her jacket.

Lawyers said that, This means that Guliyeva lied either in the investigation or in court. He was asked the reason for the discrepancies between his statements:

– What is your goal? that, Did you lie either in the investigation or in court?

– I have no purpose. My only goal is to find Narmi’s killer.

– First of all, you – his own relatives – should not lie to find Narmi’s killer.

Guliyeva said she read and signed her statement at the beginning of the interrogation. that, The statement was written by the investigator and signed without reading it.

Guliyeva was also interrogated in court that, During the pre-trial investigation, the materials of the criminal case were distributed by law enforcement officers.

“Before the war started (2020envisages a 44-day war in September-ed.) approx 10-15 days ago, many people came in four cars. Then Milli Security officers told me and showed my wife the video from Ilkin’s phone. Until then, I was hesitant to let Ilkin do it. But after watching that video, I became convinced. If the corpse was on fire, why did he call it? ”– Guliyeva’s words.

He added that, Coming from Baku and Those who interrogated them and showed the video were in civilian form.

Lawyers said that, this is very serious the law is a violation and An investigation must be conducted and a legal assessment must be made: “We are asked not to divulge the secrets of the investigation, we can not get acquainted with the evidence until the end of the investigation. But they spread themselves. What’s in that video ?! The man is a lawyer, he saw the body burned and he understood that, this shooting may be necessary for the investigation, so that the traces do not disappear. He never knew that, Who owns the corpse? ”

Lawyers stressed that, At that time, Suleymanov was not alone there, it is clear from the sounds in the video.

Narmi’s mother said during the interrogation that, did not see him after the body was found. Although he wanted to go to the scene at first, he later changed his mind. His father, Sharif Guliyev, said the burned body was banned by police according to he said he saw it from a few meters away.

During the interrogation of Naila Guliyeva, she also clarified that, relatives did not wash the body: “My sisters-in-law were gone, they said that, The body was sent from the morgue ready.

The trial in this criminal case will continue on March 16.

Lawyers of the accused Ilkin Suleymanov and The family members want an investigation into the distribution of materials during the investigation and the showing of the video to Narmi’s relatives.

Lawyer Zabil Gahramanov He told RFE / RL that, Dissemination of material during the investigation is a criminal offense. Defender thinks that, The video was shown to Narmi’s relatives on purpose. According to him, law enforcement officers also knew that there were serious doubts in the society that Suleymanov had committed this crime. The purpose was to convince the relatives of the minor that the child had been killed by Ilkin: “When Narmin was missing, there was an order from the president that, this issue needs to be addressed. Two or three days later, the cremated body was found, and Ilkin was arrested and thus, the crime was uncovered. But there were doubts in society. According to Naila Guliyeva, they themselves were hesitant. They had to be persuaded that, Narmi’s killer is Ilkin. “

Brother of the accused Adil Suleymanov He appealed to the head of the State Security Service (SSS) Ali Nagiyev to identify and punish those responsible for disseminating the video. Suleymanov says that, In fact, he does not think that the DTC employees did it. But in Guliyeva’s statement “Milli Security officers. ” according to appeals to the head of this institution.

Suleymanov also lied to the minor’s cousin’s wife according to stressed the importance of criminal prosecution: “Naila Guliyeva is deliberately lying. That’s it according to either he must be held accountable or he must tell the truth. Who teaches him, why he lies and s. It seems that, he tries to hide many issues. This is indirectly concealing the crime. “


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