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A former Soviet-made drone has crashed in Croatia

Zagreb, March 11, Croatia-Piltsuz area.

A Soviet-era reconnaissance drone flying from Ukraine crashed near the capital, Zagreb, after entering Croatian territory.

This was reported by Reuters on March 11, citing the Croatian government. According to the police according toseveral cars were damaged in the accident.

According to the government according toCroatia over Hungary, flying at an altitude of 1300 meters weather crashed 7 minutes after entering the venue. Accident March 10It happened at about 11 pm. Let `s note that, both Hungary and Croatia NATO is a member.

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said that, initial information according tothe drone crashed after running out of fuel.

“The facts will be determined. That’s what interests me the most that, an imperfect aircraft NATO How can anyone spend about an hour in the member’s territory without seeing it, ”he said.

According to Reuters according toThe Hungarian Ministry of Defense in response to radars, the country’s unmanned Tu-141 aircraft weather reported in space.

According to the Ministry according tounmanned aerial vehicle Ukraine and then crossed from Russia to Hungary.

The President of Croatia to this country snowHe said it was not directed at him, it was just an incident.

The Defense Ministry called it a serious incident and said that, the issue should be thoroughly investigated.

So far, the drone Ukraine and It is unknown whether it belongs to Russia.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry said that, Croatia in connection with the incident and other NATO works closely with allies. An investigation is underway. For now Russia No such official statement was made by him.


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