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DeepMind has created a new artificial intelligence system that can restore ancient texts

Google belonging to the company DeepMind The laboratory has been successful before artificial intelligence taught human-level programming. Now experts have decided to conquer another area of ​​conversation, artificial intelligence in applied archeology goes out of use. So. that, The new artificial intelligence system created by DeepMind is able to restore ancient texts with high accuracy. The new system of artificial intelligence, along with the restoration of lost parts of ancient texts, their origin and can set the date. For this, DeepMind experts from Italy and France and Together with historians from Greece, they instructed the artificial intelligence system through a large database of ancient Greek texts. As a result Ithaca An artificial intelligence system called

The system can recover damaged ancient texts with 62% accuracy and determine their origin with 71% accuracy. and Can determine their dates with an accuracy of up to 30 years. It is known that, Specialists in the field of archeology have achieved 25% accuracy in the restoration of ancient documents individually. It is possible to increase this figure to 72% through imports. The artificial intelligence system offers several options for each missing part of the ancient text and specialists have the opportunity to choose one of these options. According to DeepMind, the artificial intelligence system is instructed to work with other languages. To the list of such languages Hebrew and ancient Mayan language includes. Ithaca is free both in open source software format website available in format. Professionals can use it in the format of a website.

Azerbaijan news

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