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Facebook allows invading Russians to call for violence

Azerbaijan is also on the list of countries

Meta Platforms (FB.O) in some countries Facebook and Russians on Instagram in the context of the occupation of Ukraine and Russia to the soldiers snowwill allow calls for violence. This was reported by Reuters based on internal correspondence. This is considered a temporary change to the company’s hate speech rules.

To the peaceful Russians snowwill not be missed

Social media company Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin and Autocratic leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenkoor will temporarily allow posts with death calls.

A Meta spokesman said in a statement that, to the peaceful Russians snowCalls for violence will not be allowed.

Russia’s embassy in the United States has demanded that Washington, citing an exclusive Reuters report that, Stop Meta’s “extremist activities.”

Facebook & Instagram users have not given the owners of these platforms the right to determine the criteria of truth, to pit nations against each other. – The embassy wrote on Twitter.

Russia Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and It covers Ukraine.

The Azov battalion is to be commended

Notes in a letter to meta moderators that, The change in the policy of hate speech applies to both Russian soldiers (excluding prisoners of war) and Russians in the context of occupation.

Russia last week Facebookbanned access to the Russian media on this platform. Moscow has also targeted technology companies, including Twitter.

Many social media platforms to conflict according to imposed new bans. Russia’s RT state media and Sputnik Europe Blocked in the union.

Meta will also allow the definition of the right-wing Azov battalion in Ukraine. Such a definition is usually prohibited on the platform. Change battalion “Ukraine Milli The role of the guard according to” Being applied.


Azerbaijan news

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