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Kyiv accuses Moscow of trying to drag Belarus into war

Ukraine militaryweather The statement said that, The border guards have detailed information on how this provocation was carried out
Kyiv Minsk has accused Russia of trying to lure Moscow into intervening by firing rockets at a Belarusian settlement near the border.
Ukraine militaryweather The command said in a March 11 statement that, The border guards have detailed information on how this provocation was carried out.
It is stated in the report that, Military plane taking off from Belarus Ukraine After crossing the border, he fired a rocket back at the village of Kopani in Belarus.
Earlier, a number of Western intelligence agencies warned that “fake attacks” would be used as part of disinformation during the invasion of Ukraine.
Ukrainian militaryweather The commander of the forces said:
“It’s a provocation! The goal is to involve the Belarusian armed forces in the war in Ukraine. “

Belarus denies
The Ukrainian military says that, Two other Belarusian settlements were targeted during the operation.
This was reported by the authoritarian leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Moscow It happened when he met with Vladimir Putin.
A statement from Ukraine’s security service said:
“We officially declare: the Ukrainian military to the Republic of Belarus snowHe did not plan any act of aggression and does not plan. We appeal to the people of Belarus: do not allow yourself to be involved in a criminal war. “
It is interesting that, Belarus says reports of missile launches are generally false.
Belarus Defense Ministry spokesman rejects Ukrainian claim
“The Defense Ministry denies the information about the rocket attack on the Belarusian village as nonsense.”


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