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Record-temperature plasma was obtained in a compact thermonuclear reactor

Of Britain Tokamak Energy company ST40 called spherical tokamak (a device designed to store plasma through a magnet) inside of plasma reported a record temperature. So. that, plasma in the operating chamber of the reactor 100 million degrees Celsius heated to room temperature. This is an important result of the commissioning of such commercial facilities. The sustainability of this road is unquestionable that, next 10 will last for years. But clean and The first successful steps towards obtaining an infinite source of energy are already being taken. Tokamak Energy is trying to prove it with its device that, compact size and to build a cheap thermonuclear reactor and it is possible to use.

ST40 tokamak:

Four years ago, the company launched a prototype of a tokamak called ST40 and plasma inside the prototype at that time 15 million degrees Celsius was heated as. After analyzing the data obtained from this experiment, the company improved the device and Now, thanks to him, a record has been achieved among spherical tokamaks. It should be noted that, toroid shaped thermonuclear reactors for plasma 10Heating to 0 million degrees Celsius is not a record. However, this is a very important achievement for spherical tokamaks.

Spherical clasps plasma of the magnetic field allow storage through lower induction. This in turn is a deviceflour allows you to save energy during use. In the next stage, the ST40 tokamak will be improved again and ST-HTS will get the name. The main innovation in the construction of the tokamak will be it that, then electromagnets made of high-temperature superconducting materials will be used. According to the company, this, in turn, will lead to the design of a prototype of a commercial thermonuclear reactor. If the ST-HTS is commissioned in the middle of this decade, the first experimental thermonuclear plant can be expected to be commissioned by the beginning of the next decade.

Azerbaijan news

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