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Russia’s mistake: It inflamed NATO, which it was trying to curb


Source: Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street JournalRussia NATOtried to curb it, but it happened – it inflamed the alliance. “

According to according tothe article reads: “In the Post-Cold War World NATO remained silent for years. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has revived it. “

It is stated in the article that, NATOLithuania, a member of the UN, has always been wary of Moscow according to Russia “But Lithuania’s NATO allies have always been indifferent to the country’s caution,” he said. Now the approach has changed. Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin NATO has sent 600 troops to Rukla since ordering an attack on Ukraine on February 24 this year. In total, the number of NATO troops in this small Baltic country has doubled to 3,000. Alliance Ruklaya USA and more than other countries 10He plans to send 00 servicemen.

The article emphasizes that, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine political and reaffirmed NATO’s crucial role in defending economic freedoms, and urged members of the alliance to unite around this military bloc, which they often criticized: “This alliance is at war with Ukraine. and losses, and in the West at the expense of serious economic difficulties.

Reviving NATO will cost the alliance hundreds of billions of dollars. Probably that, climate change of their own resources and The alliance, which focuses on issues such as the fight against the pandemic, will have to put these goals in the background.

NATO members spoke differently to Putin way they say he did not. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is currently in Estonia (Estonia and Lithuania) and Like Latvia, it seceded from the Soviet Union in 1991 and 20Joined NATO in 04) while speaking at a military base that, Putin If he thinks he can push NATO back with his actions, he is very wrong. “

The Wall Street Journal writes that, The shock of the Russian president’s attack on Ukraine has prompted many countries around the world to reconsider their decades-long policy: “Even populist European politicians who until recently praised Putin have reduced their support for the Kremlin.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz sending weapons to Ukraine and has ended Berlin’s military silence by announcing that it will double its defense spending.

In neutral countries that have been NATO partners for many years – Finland and For the first time in Sweden, the majority of the population has begun to support the idea of ​​applying for NATO membership.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas told a news conference on February 24 that the world had changed. “I think everyone now sees the need to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank, not temporarily, but permanently,” he said.

In recent days, NATO countries have sent thousands of troops, armored vehicles, artillery units, ships and fighters to the eastern flank of the alliance. NATO More than 130 aircraft from the Arctic to the Mediterranean and 20It guards the region with 0 ships.

The article quoted US Secretary of State Anthony Blinke as saying at NATO headquarters in Brussels last week, “The Alliance’s mission is defensive, but if the conflict spreads to our zone, NATO will snowis ready to fight for the light. ” and are reminded that, One of the fundamental principles of NATO snowis a pact of mutual protection. According to the pact, an attack on one NATO member means an attack on all members of the alliance.

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