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Windows 11 will have a more advanced video editor

Paint and Notepad Windows they are not the only state-of-the-art operating system applications. In addition to these applications, Windows also includes various multimedia tools and Microsoft will improve one of them in the near future. We are talking about an application for editing videos. Soon primitive Gallery Improved software tools will be used instead of functions. Clipchamp The application is now called Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572 launched in the test version.

The application provides a simple interface for performing basic tasks in video editing. However, the application also includes some features of more professional video editors. One of the main innovations in the application is the integration of the time scale. Thanks to this time scale, it will be possible to make accurate corrections of individual parts of the video. From the main tools (cutting, sectioning, transitions and animated texts) In addition, the Clipchamp application can take advantage of other Microsoft platforms.

Application for playing videos Azure supports a dedicated special generator. This generator, in turn, converts texts into oral speech. In addition, the application OneDrive has integration and through it, the necessary materials can be stored in the cloud. It should be noted that, Another new application to be launched in Windows 11 Microsoft Family will be. Thanks to it, parents can protect their family members from unwanted content and Microsoft Edge will be able to restrict the viewing of pages in the browser.

Azerbaijan news

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