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How they shot God at dawn


(Establishment of the USSR 10From the series of articles dedicated to the 0th anniversary. The “anniversary” is approaching. We even see that some are eagerly preparing for it…)

Early in the morning a group of Red Guards weapons according to fired and opened fire. Death sentence handed down to the Almighty God by the People’s Tribunal Moscow so execution has been done…

During the formation of the USSR, the Communists did much to eliminate the “harmful effects” of religion. Gives decrees, churches and plunders mosque property, destroys temples, protest they destroyed the clergy. But the religion of the Bolsheviks snowThe main weapon in the struggle was a strong propaganda against the sources of faith. One of Lenin’s closest allies, the People’s Commissar for Education, Anatoly Lunacharsky, led the process. He was an educated man, a long time in Paris, the other Europe lived in cities. Marx and In addition to Engels’ books, he read the works of various philosophers, knew the history of religion and several languages.

An unknown author’s “International victim cutting ”poster, 1919.

The Spanish publication ABC talks about the most unusual form used by the Soviets in the fight against religion. It is said that its initiator was Lunacharsky, the People’s Commissar of Public Education of Russia in early 1918. We are talking about a process called the “trial of the Soviet state over God.” Same time Russia One year had passed since the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II, but he and his family were still six months away.

In the whirlpool of revolutionary events Moscow Is it God?judgeA tribunal was set up to do so. According to the Bolshevik government, this is the principle of justice and the lawfully complied with all the requirements of the chulu. The owner of the earth and the sky is called “humanity snowcrimes in the glass ” and “For committing genocide” according to called to answer. The chairman of the tribunal was Lunacharsky himself.

“There is no need to turn to God anymore, because the new society is not based on a contract with him,” Lunacharsky said.

Court 1918 Januarystarted at 16 and lasted five hours. The Bolsheviks tried to follow all the rules of procedure – there were judges, prosecutors, witnesses in the courtroom, and even provided the “accused” with lawyers. The “Russian people representing the people” acted as the aggrieved plaintiff, and the Bible was placed on the bench in place of the defendant. Salon, of course that, it was full to the brim.

First, a list of all the crimes committed by the Russian people at the feet of the “defendant” was read. Prosecutors presented evidence based on “historical evidence.” These “proofs,” as evidenced by numerous testimonies, left no doubt that God was guilty. However, state-appointed defense attorneys also argued in favor of the defendant and even asked the judges to show him mercy. They said that, defendant “from severe mental retardation and suffers from “psychological problems”, so to him snowhis actions in the charges against him according to not responsible.

As a result of the five-hour trial, witnesses were heard and lawyers’ complaints were heard and After considering their objections, the tribunal finally found God guilty of all charges. Then the verdict was read: May God be condemned to death and shoot early tomorrow! Defendants do not have the right to appeal the verdict, and appeals to postpone its execution are not accepted!

1918 JanuaryThe court’s verdict was executed early in the morning on the 17th.

Such demonstrative tribunals were held elsewhere until the second half of the 1920s. All of them were organized according to the same scenario: in 1925, a special methodological manual was published for the propagandists of rural clubs, entitled “Judgment on God”. The book was written in the form of a play, all the characters were shown what they had to say. Of course, the proponents of rural clubs could not make the same philosophical judgments as the university-educated Lunacharsky. She according to for mass use book Simpler arguments were made to expose the Almighty Creator’s “crimes against humanity.” For example: “God cannot even come to His court, nor does He give an exact address that, If we call by telegram, then there is no God. “

In the 1920s, the Union of the Ungodly was formed in Russia. Millions of people joined the ranks of this organization. The union published newspapers and magazines, which included atheist clubs, propaganda courses, and “Young Ungodly” groups. In the first issue of Bezbozhnik magazine, Bukhari’s “godless program” was presented as a guide to union members.: “Abolition of dominion in the heavens; all religious ranks, strata and s. removal; the expulsion of the gods from the temples and their transfer to the cellars (and the cruelest being sent to the concentration camps); of the proletarian tribunals as the culprits of all the existing misfortunes of the chief deitiesjudgeto be given to the mind ”.

Based on Russia’s “advanced experience”, such organizations were established in other republics of the USSR, including Azerbaijan. In 1930, the number of members of the Union of the Ungodly reached 25,000 in Baku and 45,000 in the republic. But this did not satisfy Moscow. By 1932, under the direction of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, their ranks in Azerbaijan were doubled (80,000 people). According to the planned division, 25% of the members were women. Baku, like its Russian counterparts, publishes its own publications (Pictured: 3rd issue of “Godless” magazine published in 1933 – ed.), gave public lectures and campaigned among the youth, but there are no facts about the establishment of anti-God tribunals in our republic.

Lunacharsky, who focused on the persecution of religion in the early years of Soviet rule, was forced to admit five years after the embarrassing Moscow tribunal: “Religion is like a nail. The more you hit him in the head, the deeper he works. ” Even before his death, he criticized the Bolsheviks for being too enthusiastic about the struggle against religion. On December 26, 1933, on his way to Spain to be appointed ambassador, Lunacharsky surrendered his life to God, who had once sentenced him to death..

The following media outlets were used in the preparation of the article: ABC (“Asi transcurrio el insolito juicio dela URSS en el que Dios fue condenado e muerte por” genocidio “), INOSMI deaths for “genocide”), Russian section of Radio Liberty (“1925: Court over God”), (“104 years ago the Bolsheviks accused God of genocide, condemned and” shot “), (” The arrival of Godlessness in Azerbaijan ” ) and s.

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