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Dmitry Gordon: “Ukraine is Putin’s” Achilles heel “


Pressklub TV Well-known Ukrainian journalist, TV presenter Dmitry Gordondan in his country and interviewed about the events in the region. Here are some parts of the interview.

… I woke up five to ten minutes ago, looked out the window, there were two explosions, and then I came to my senses and video I started writing my application. This was the first appeal during the war…

Putin today “Ukraine solves the “problem”. Hero Ukraine of the army and such mass resistance of the people was unexpected for him. He could not imagine that, Ukraine they will resist with such courage, they will open fire from their paws, fields, forests, people will take up arms, they will defend themselves, their freedom, their Europe will defend their values. Putin firmly mistaken. I think that, primarily his assistants, the military and ideological areas according to responsible persons were wrong…

… Ukraine is Putin’s “axillary heel.” That’s it that, he will be defeated here. He has already lost. He faced his own ignorance. He was confronted with the corruption and stupidity of those who preached the invincibility of the Russian army. Russian armored vehicles and tanks are burning, glorious Russian planes are being shot down, thousands of Russian soldiers are being taken prisoner, and up to 13,000 servicemen have already been killed. They have found their last home in the forests, plains, roads and cities of Ukraine. Putin obviously did not calculate it. Now the Russian army’s attack plans are being adjusted. But no matter what they do, no matter what Putin thinks, it’s a war Russia and has already lost for him personally…

… This war has the face of a wild animal…

… But the Nazis can fire on the Russian-speaking neighborhoods of Kharkov and Russian-speaking Mariupol. Do they want to bring such a “Russian world” to Russian-speaking cities by shooting at children’s playgrounds in Nikolayev, killing children? ..

… Yesterday a friend said a very nice word. I didn’t think about it. I will repeat. He said that, We Ukrainians are in a state of despair. They expel us from our territory, expel us from our homeland. We are like the Jews today. Why according to? Why according to are they killing us? Why according to are they killing our children, the elderly, our women? She according to that, do we love freedom? She according to that, do we want to live as human beings? She according to that, we are nobody’s business snowdo we want to go our own way without light? Terrible shots of the murdered children traveled all over the world. Kyiv own in the province way two going with pensionThe same is true of the shots of the machine being shot at close range from the tank. Then when you open the door pensionThey find themselves dead in a chair, sheltering each other. What is all this for? ..

(You can watch the interview on March 14 on Press Club TV)

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