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A mysterious gift, a luminary kept at customs, a king’s ring given to the billionaire’s son …

Yadigar Sadiqli

In the winter of 1972, Farah Diba Pahlavi, the wife of the Shah of Iran, paid an unofficial visit to the USSR. During the visit, he will visit a number of republics, including Azerbaijan.

Shahbanu Mountain Park, Seaside Boulevard, Art Museum, 26s Park, a number of sights of Baku and visit other places. Muslim Magomayev, Zeynab Khanlarova, Rashid Behbudov, Shovkat Alakbarova, Fidan Gasimova took part in the reception in honor of the guest one evening. and other singers are involved.

Magomayev writes in his memoirs that, feels that Shahbanu liked his speech, because the guest was the Azerbaijani SSR Ali Chairman of the Presidium of the Council Victim Khalilova sees what he is saying. By the way, Victim Khalilov Farah was one shirt closer – he was born in Ardabil.

In the next part of the feast, at Farah’s request, he is introduced to Muslim. Shahbanu, who speaks Azerbaijani, says he wants to listen to a few more songs performed by him and the singer fulfills his request. Probably that, It was then that Farah thought of inviting Magomayev to Iran.

The departure of a Soviet citizen required the permission of the state. That’s it according to nor was it as simple as inviting Magomayev in person. The problem had to be solved by the authorities.

Farah Diba returned to the USSR a few months later. In September-October, Muhammad Rza Shah Pahlavi paid an official visit to his northern neighbor and Shahbanu also accompanied him. Can be that, During the visit, Soviet officials were told that they wanted to see Magomayev in Iran. Or it is possible that, The issue was resolved through the embassy.

Magomayev said in an interview that, His visit was scheduled for the anniversary of Shahbanu’s coronation. If so, it should have been October 26. Five years ago, on October 26, 1967, Farah’s coronation took place. and he was the first shahbanu in the Islamic history of Iran.

Soviet singers paid almost all of their earnings, both domestic and foreign, to the state. This is stated in another interview with Magomayev that, For every concert he gave in the USSR according to she 20A fee of 0 rubles was paid. Holds 45 thousand people and to a two-hour concert at the Rostov Stadium, which is packed to the brim according to When he received 600 manats, he became a participant in a criminal case in 1967 and his speeches were restricted for a while.

But the visit to Iran was not a tour, he was invited as a guest of Muslim Shah. Nevertheless, he was informed in advance by an organization called Goskonsert that, If he receives a fee, he must pay it to the state.


The singer was a famous pianist on this trip, and later the terrorist act in the Baku metro victimRafig Babayev was accompanied. They also take part in the festivities at the Shah’s palace as guests, eat and drink, and only occasionally demonstrate their skills. Magomayev sings Naples songs, Figaro’s cavatina, Azerbaijani songs and wins a lot of applause.

In his memoirs, Muslim said that Shahbanu’s sister approached him and He also asked to read for Iranian television. But it is known that, Farah was the only child of his parents. Probably that, Ashraf, the king’s twin sister, approached him. In fact, areas such as television and cinema were under his protection.

With the help of his phonograms, a 40-minute program is prepared for television. Then a thick envelope with money is handed to him. But Magomayev believes that, It is not right to take money from a landlord who covers all the expenses of the trip and provides a high level of service for a few days and refuses to take the envelope. In fact, it can be said that money that, all would reach the Gosconcert. That’s it according to nor can it be said that he lost much.

Upon hearing of Magomayev’s generosity, the Shah sent a number of gifts to the Soviet embassy in his name: a ring with an octagonal star on it, a carpet, a watch, and a box with other ornaments inside. In this case, the embassy told Moscow, “Goskonsert” that, Magomayev refused to accept money. Of course, this news is not good in the institution snowis not cheated.


Although Muslim lived in Baku at the time, there were no flights abroad. That’s it according to Just as he flew from Moscow when he left, he landed in Moscow when he returned. Here he encounters an unpleasant surprise while crossing the customs. A female customs officer called her “A, this is Magomayev, now we will check you.” snowwhispers.

The singer says in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Gordon that, at first he thinks the lady is joking. Because, as a rule, well-known artists and athletes were not subject to inspection. A soft regime is applied to them and it was overlooked that they could carry some valuables, both when they left and when they arrived. But Magomayev may be subjected to such an inspection that, it was because they did not believe that he had received money from the shah. Maybe they were hoping to find the money in their luggage.

However, when money is not found, the carpet and the items in the box are criticized for not being indicated in the declaration. according to will not be released. At that moment, Magomayev saw an employee of the Iranian embassy in Moscow waiting for them. When he left, he recognized them by his farewell.

Muslim shows the embassy employee to the customs officer that, now call him the carpet and will hand over other things, will ask that, that the king’s gifts were not allowed to cross the border according to let him return. A woman who does not know what to do has to call the duty officer. The chief did not prolong the case and released Magomayev with all his burdens.

To the memories of the singer according toThe following year, the shah invited him to Iran, but officials did not allow him to leave. Perhaps the thought “we are not good anyway” played a role in this issue.


I do not know the fate of other gifts given by the Shah. The ring was always on Muslim’s finger. However, he had never worn a ring before and that he confessed according to, did not like at all. But the king’s gift was to his liking.

Muslim Magomayev 20He died in 08. Six years later, his wife, Tamara Sinyavskaya, donated the ring, which is popular throughout the post-Soviet space, to Emin Agalarov, who is celebrating his 35th birthday.

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