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For the second time in history, a system consisting of two supermassive black holes was discovered

Perdu University scientists together with colleagues from other institutions super massive black holes consisting of binary system found. That is, there are 2 supermassive black holes within the detected system. This is the second such system discovered in history. It is interesting that, The detected black holes are already circling around each other at a very dangerous close distance. According to space standards, these black holes are about to be destroyed. Conversation, 10.000 years goes.

Combining two black holes of super mass super megamassive mass black hole future generations are magnificent when transformed gravitational event will witness. Scientists radio observations of two supermassive black holes and discovered due to the fact associated with one of the black holes. The fact is that that, One of the black holes is the plasma along the axis of rotation in our direction and gas secretes. Obtained information and Mathematical modeling showed it that, everything points to a system of 2 super mass black holes.

Each of the detected black holes 100 million Sun. has a mass. According to calculations, the distance between these two space objects 200 astronomical unit (0.0031625 light years) contane. The black holes in this system have even been compared to the black holes in this system first discovered. 10 times closer. As part of this process, the black holes approach each other in a spiral direction and After about 10,000 years, they fully merged into a super megamassive mass unit will form a black hole.

Azerbaijan news

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