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Huwei can return 5G support to its smartphones in an unusual way

Huawei The company’s new smartphones only LTE are equipped with modems. However, according to insiders, the company is on its devices 5G considers restoring support through unusual methods. Likely that, The company can integrate technologies that support the 5G network into special accessories for smartphones. Examples of such accessories are smartphone cases. According to the information provided by Huawei and Future smartphones will be able to connect to the 5G network through special cases.

Those cases are in turn USB Type-C to the entrance and will have additional equipment. Unfortunately that, There is no information about the technical features that such cases may have. It is expected that the efficiency of the 5G network launched by this method will be lower than the efficiency of 5G modems integrated directly into processors. However, this method will be better than the lack of 5G network support on smartphones. When such accessories designed for smartphones and There is no information about the price at which they will go on sale.

Azerbaijan news

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